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New ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Game Blasts Its Way to Consoles this Fall

Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot Looks Promising

It seems that the hype around Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, has spread to gaming. One of the most successful Star Wars videogame franchises in existence is being rebooted: Star Wars: Battlefront.

The new game is being developed by DICE and Electronic Arts, a game studio that, despite its history of mixed reviews, seems to be doing well with the development of a new Star Wars game. Gathering from the trailer below, the new Battlefront’s content does look promising–I know I wanted to see more footage and gameplay when it was over. And recent talks have revealed that, just like with the original Battlefront game, this reboot will be focused mainly on multiplayer (so far, no campaign mode has been announced), though players should be able to play offline still, on split-screen with a buddy.

The game will run on a next-gen version of the Frostbite graphics engine, which Battlefield players will recognize. However, the producers insist that it is not, as some skeptics believe, a reskinning of Battlefield. The reboot will reportedly include 8+ popular maps on planets such as Endor, Hoth, Sullust, and Tatooine, as gameplay will be set at least partially in the era of the previous Star Wars movies, and representatives say that there will be at least two maps per world. However, there will also be many more maps than that, including new ones that players have never seen before.

DLC will be available, of course, with the first chance to acquire it being through pre-ordering. Fans and developers are particularly excited about one DLC map of the several that will be offered. It will be based on the planet Jakku, which, it has recently been announced, is the planet shown in the opening scene of the most recent Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer. That’s right, DLC set in the time period of the The Force Awakens will be available to kick-start a game set in the time of the original trilogy! Fans and gamers alike will have to see how well it goes and how it ties into the new movie, set to release in December.

Is the Force with This Game?

With all of this information and several trailers already out, it appears that DICE is committed to taking the gameplay of Battlefront to the next level, pushing the next-gen graphics to their greatest potential. EA and DICE have already mastered ground, air, and sea gameplay on Battlefield, some of which will undoubtedly spread to Battlefront. From the looks of this trailer, which is composed of actual, beautiful game engine footage, it looks like players will get to enjoy Battlefront as never before.

But what about other content and game modes? The game will be playable in both first- and third-person POV, which producers are excited about, and, of course, there will be plenty of weapon, character, and probably map unlockables, collectibles, and trophies (including a bonus called “Nemesis”). It is rather unfortunate that no campaign or single-player mode is going to be available as of now, because the old series had a surprisingly fun Galactic Conquest mode and a quick-play, Instant Action mode, both of which gave the game more playability and made it more fun. So hopefully, something like this will be added in the near future, though the lack of it may impede the success of the first-release sales (probably not too much, though).

This reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront is being advertised as a game that the producers and developers want to play. They say they are fans of the original trilogy, and they want the reboot to remain faithful to its predecessors, so hopefully we can expect it to be at least somewhat faithful to the originals. Characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett will return as unlockable characters, probably through kill streaks or something, like with the originals. However, no prequel-era equipment or vehicles will be available at launch. Nor will space battles be available, as the developers, who have made this a multiplayer game, want to keep the fighting in-planet. Dogfights will be an option, but mostly in the atmosphere and not in space.

Conclusion: It’s (Not) a Trap!

With the new movie coming out and the dedication the studio has put into it, my bet is that this reboot of a great game franchise will have a positive reception. The old franchise, unfortunately, petered out, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen this time. I look forward to buying and playing this game and seeing where the developers take it. No matter what the common opinion of EA might be, this could be their next break if they do the game justice and pay attention to the desires of the players. And hopefully they will.

For right now, Battlefront looks to be available for PC, PS4, and XBOX One (sorry to those of you who haven’t yet upgraded). It will launch in December of this year, right next to the new movie. Two new major Star Wars releases in one year month, ready to launch a new generation of Star Wars media! Fans, prepare yourselves! And may the Force be with you!



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