Is Android 13 Named After a Classic Italian Dessert?

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All Google versions prior to Android 10 had a unique codename attached to them, but things have changed. Although Google no longer uses these codenames when announcing new versions, it’s apparent that dessert codenames are still attached but hidden. In fact, some in-depth research has helped discover the latest Android 13’s codename, Tiramisu. 

This time Goggle seems to simplify the reviewers’ work by using the dessert name in a rather public-facing manner. To unearth the secret, head to the “Settings” menu and find the delicious Tiramisu codename under the Android version. 

In the previous version, Android 12, finding the codename was a bit of a hassle as Google hid the codename and only listed the version as “S” under “Settings.” However, things seem more transparent now in Android 13 as the company surprisingly exposes the dessert name, which we’re glad to see as it reminds us of the operating system’s fun history. Simply head to the “About” in the Android version section and find the codename just under the version.

The recent codename exposure by Google could indicate that the company has effected some changes in its service and products delivery. As people scramble for the new OS on their devices, we expect to learn more aside from what Google has exposed so far. You never know, we might learn other juicy secrets about the company’s latest version and future operating system.   

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