Galaxy S9 Possibly the Best Samsung Ever?

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Galaxy s9

Well yes, quite possibly, and we can go even further by saying after spending a fortnight with this superb smartphone that Apple best watch out, as this little beauty is a good an iPhone rival as they come.

With a design that can only be described as beautiful, this fantastic Android from Samsung boasts a tactile 8.5mm body that feels wonderful in the hand, and besides that it houses a whopping 5.8-inch Quad HD curved Super AMOLED display that fills most of the phone’s front.

It’s stunning.

The Galaxy S9 is a real powerhouse and uses Samsung’s latest Exynos processor, and as the octa-core chip is set to stay as the fastest smartphone processor in the near future that’s great news.

Performance of the Galaxy S9 is as smooth as silk, and as we expected apps launched super-quickly offering its users an experience that definitely rivals the iPhone, and this means that playing Conquer Casino live roulette games was a simply amazing experience helped by the fact that the Galaxy 9 has a generous 4GB of RAM and can come with either 64GB or 256GB of storage.

Being able to run more than a few app at the same time without the performance of any breaking down means that you can enjoy your games without fear of them slowing down and you missing any of the action. The extremely high storage also allows you to keep your high-quality videos and photos as well as your apps without the danger of you running out of space. Perfect!

The Galaxy S9 also has an impressive selection of great features which is an improvement, because let’s face it we expect Samsung phone to work well.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 include dedicated camera memory so it can now take 12 shots simultaneously then merge them into a clear, attractive photograph. This feature works very well for low-light shots, and it offers an impressive depth of field with high detail.

The Galaxy S9 can also shoot HD video at 960 frames per second meaning that 0.2 seconds of filming will turn into 6 seconds. There is also an automatic motion detect feature so none of the action will be missed as the phone begin recording straight away when something hits the motion detect box on the screen.

Slow-mo clips can then be turned into GIF files which of course can be shared over social media sites.
The Galaxy S9 also has an AR Emoji taking on Apple’s Animoji feature. Samsung’s feature allows you take an 3D image of your face then you can create an Emoji version of yourself.

Samsung has also incorporated artificial intelligence into its camera with Bixby Vision and if you point the camera at a sign or say a menu which is in a foreign language, then Bixby Vision will translate the words on your screen straight away. You can also use your camera for checking out the calorie count of food or for information of a building if you point your camera at the relevant object.

That’s pretty impressive, and useful!

Samsung has also worked with AKG to fine tune the sound, making its speakers both louder and crisper as well as integrating the Dolby Atmos audio standard which creates an 360% sound using the two speakers the phone houses.

This means that watching your films will be a far improved, immersive experience.

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