Samsung’s Galaxy J3 Prime: The Low Budget Android Smartphone

Samsung galaxy j3 prime

Samsung’s Galaxy J3 Prime is a solid choice of the lower priced smartphones which provides users with all the standard features and decent overall quality.

If you are unwilling to make the budgetary sacrifices necessary to afford the best phone money can buy, then the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime may be one you are considering picking up. I was recently in need of a replacement phone after losing my Samsung On5 and I opted for the Galaxy J3 which carried a price tag of $70. Given the price, I didn’t expect to be wowed by my new phone however the J3 certainly proved to be a smart choice.

Overall, the On5 and J3 are nearly identical. The camera is simple and easy to use but both the J3 and On5 produce pictures that are a little too blurry when compared to the near crystal-clear quality produced by the latest iPhones and other higher end phones that some of my friends and family have. The J3 has a decent memory capacity which allows users to download all their favorite apps in seconds provided Wi-Fi signals are average to strong. The J3’s 16 GB of internal storage is adequate, however users who take a ton of photos and videos may find the expandable storage is necessary, particularly if the phone has a lot of apps installed.

Samsung galaxy j3 prime review

The Samsung J3, like the On5 and other products made by the manufacturer, is a very sturdy phone and wont break if you drop it. It can also withstand a little moisture on rainy days. Users who like to listen to music apps will find that the phone’s sound quality is clear while the volume is loud enough to listen to Pandora or Spotify while doing housework, and, if you have a decent pair of headphones, the J3 can also double up as a substitute for an iPod or MP3 player.

As a budget smartphone, the J3 is very easy to use but the low price is reflected by things like the screen brightness which must be manually adjusted according to lighting conditions, which can sometimes be a nuisance. For instance, using the phone in dim light or extremely bright light requires opening and changing the brightness settings which can be hard to find when you can barely make out what’s on the screen.

Will Gamers Like It?

Gamers might want to buy something a little more expensive as the J3 facilitates most games on an average level at best and is a phone that came out in 2017. Video quality however is quite good, both recorded personal videos and those played from websites such as YouTube are close to being crystal clear.

It’s Super Basic, but That’s Not Always a Bad Thing

Whether or not you should buy the J3 depends on what you will use the phone for and which features are most important to you. However, if you just need something basic which has all the standard features and average battery, memory and storage capacity, the J3 is a wise choice of the lower end android smartphones and consistent with the average but reliable quality delivered by other Samsung phones and products.

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