Phone office tools for android, android smartphone apps for the office

Phone Office Tools for Android

Everyone has heard of the home office, but what about the phone office? Now your Android phone can be just as vital to your workday as your desktop or laptop. According to Pew Internet two thirds of Americans own and use a smartphone, and 46 percent say that it is something they could never live without. There are hundreds of applications available to help make your phone a productive and portable office. Learn which ones are best and how to make your phone earn its keep. This way, even when you’re phoning it in, you can still be a superstar. Here are some of the basics phoning it in in style.

Apps to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a Mobile Office

Phone office tools for android

  • Blue Jeans: This awesome video conferencing app makes it possible for you to have or join a meeting from wherever you are. Intuitive with lots of productivity tools to make meetings the best they can be. Android video conferencing with Bluejeans is a simple way to get in touch, communicate, and collaborate.
  • Dropbox: This app remains the classic for storage, and whether you prefer this app or Google capitalize is largely a matter of taste. Some people prefer the easier shareability of Dropbox and also like the recently added in-app editing feature.
  • Evernote: This application allows users to take notes, upload notes along with pictures, audio, and video, and then organize them into shareable notebooks. The paid account gives you more options, than the 60 MB monthly free version.
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides: the Android versions retain a great deal of their full sized siblings’ features. This is a great basic productivity suite and you can save everything to Google drive. You do need to have a Gmail account to make this work, but you can also share your documents do not have a Gmail.
  • IFTTT: This app will save you so much time you won’t know what to do with yourself. “If ____, then ___.” For instance, if you post a photo on Instagram, you can tell the application to save the shot to Dropbox or two also posted on Twitter. The website contains lots of different “recipes” for streamlining your applications. You can even you to your Android device you get to the office, and unmute it you get home
  • Lastpass: Every password and login app claims to be the latest and greatest, but trusting your information to the wrong app can get you so much more trouble than a bricked phone. Last pass is a password generator, browser, and password vault that can also be used with Chrome browser. There is also the ability to store form fills and secure notes with encryption.
  • Microsoft Office: It’s Microsoft office: what else is there to say? This office classic has been an entrenched favorite since its first release in 1990. Granted, the Android version is still very new and has a lot of catching up to do, but Microsoft Office is the 800 pound gorilla of productivity suites.
  • Timeful: This is a lot more than just another scheduling app with a to-do list function. Of course you can create daily agendas, sync calendars, and categorize tasks. But Timeful also helps you to change your habits, and learns what your days like from your scheduling. It can even recommend times and help you create tasks that you can actually accomplish
  • Trello: This application lets you set up personalized bulletin boards that can track of to do lists, notes, and ideas that can be reorganized or moved at will. You can even share this with other users, which makes it great for collaboration and group projects. Whether you’re keeping track of a busy personal life, or coordinating your team, Trello can keep you a step ahead of the game.

Tools for Our Internet Everywhere Culture

Internet everywhere culture, phone office tools for android

There are lots of other applications that you can deploy to enhance your productivity and creativity when your phone is your principal office. Android tablet use is also on the rise, and when it comes to platform dominance Techcrunch notes that while Apple’s iPad may dominate the markets as a single brand, Android as a platform is leaving it in the dust. It only makes sense that with these most portable of devices that we would incorporate them into our Internet everywhere culture.

There are in fact people who are entirely dependent on mobile devices for all of their Internet access, and 2 billion of them will have smartphones worldwide by 2016. China, the US, and India lead the pack when it comes to using mobile devices, with eMarketer stating that a majority of their populations will be adopting smartphones by 2016. Being able to be productive on a Smartphone is likely to turn into a skill set all its own. For freelancers who are constantly on the move, staying ahead of this curve is vital. So up your game, and tap into some of the best productivity apps available.

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