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The Buzz Surrounding the BeeRaider Keyboard

by Andrew Scoles
BeeRaider Keyboard

Do you have trouble typing on the standard QWERTY keyboard? Do you wish it was easier to learn to use without looking back and forth between the screen and keys? Well, the creators of the BeeRaider keyboard believe that their innovative new keyboard may be the answer to your wishes.

Are We Saying Goodbye to QWERTY?

The QWERTY keyboard was designed in the 1870s for typewriters because at the time, typewriters suffered from a design flaw that caused major letter keys to bump into each other when typing. QWERTY was developed to slow down typing speeds and solve this problem. However, now that keyboards are merely an electronic input device for computers, BeeRaider claims that the modern keyboard is inefficient for everyday typing needs. They decided that people need to type faster and more efficiently, so they set about studying the typing process and did research over the course of a decade. They researched which keys were used more and less, and which design is most intuitive for the human brain. A radial layout was the result, as BeeRaider believed it to be more natural and a better use of the dexterity of human fingers.


The design then evolved into the shape of- you guessed it- a bee!


The space key is located in the middle, the “head” of the bee, with the function keys and the more often-used keys encircling it on the outside. Less-used keys are relegated to the edge circles, the “body,” and the two extensions, the “wings.” The keys are also bigger, which gives improved accuracy while finding the their positions when typing. This design, according to BeeRaider, is more efficient and easier to learn, especially since it takes extensive training to become a ten-finger typist. Most people nowadays don’t have time for that or don’t bother to learn, instead learning to type through experience.


BeeRaider claims that its new keyboard is more “logical” and “ergonomic,” and the design is easier to learn for the average person. As it takes little to no experience to learn to use, this is valuable for those who are two-finger typers or are just slow at typing. In fact, BeeRaider boasts that within 10-20 minutes of use, people who switch to their keyboard can learn to type better and faster than with the QWERTY layout.

Two Layouts and an App With BeeRaider

BeeRaider is offering a few different versions of their keyboard. One is the “Optimized” version, which is a complete revamping of the QWERTY layout and utilizes all of the intended aspects and differences of the BeeRaider keyboard.


However, as the creators have undoubtedly realized, many people are still accustomed and loyal to the QWERTY layout, so they have created a compromise. This version has a different layout closer in likeness to QWERTY for those who are not quite ready to give up on it.


Finally, BeeRaider has released a keyboard app for Android phones and tablets. Users can change their keyboard input settings and use BeeRaider to type text into their mobile devices.


Is This All Too Much of a Bother Though?

The QWERTY keyboard has been in use for over 130 years, and is all over the place. Computers everywhere have this layout. People are used to it, and the design is so deeply ingrained in our everyday lives that it would be a bother to switch it up (it would probably be similar in difficulty to the United States trying to switch to the Metric System of measurement). The BeeRaider keyboard is also expensive, with the desktop keyboards selling for over $100, while you can buy a really nice, ergonomic, QWERTY keyboard for under $50.

It is also worth mentioning that keyboards are used for more than just word-processing. They’re used for coding, computer shortcuts, design, and gaming, among other things. In those worlds, knowledge of the QWERTY layout is too essential for the time being to allow users to try a new keyboard.

Plus, while BeeRaider was smart to release an app version or their keyboard, its ratings are poor. Some say it’s okay but in need of more adjustment, while others say it’s too small for mobile devices and shouldn’t have even been released as an app. One reviewer even commented on the lack of autocorrect. Despite the fact that the app’s price is under two dollars, there is currently no free version.

All of that said, there are undoubtedly those for whom this keyboard is a blessing. Some people need to type quickly and don’t have time to learn the skill of ten-finger typing. Others may just want to try something new or like the looks of the new design. However, while it is a great, innovative attempt at fixing a potential problem and is probably worth trying for some people, the BeeRaider keyboard will likely not be able to sell to a large customer demographic.

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