Samsung t5

Samsung T5 Lets you Keep All Your Data in Your Pocket

What You Need to Know About the Samsung T5

The Samsung T5 is the solution to all your data storage needs, whether its movies, course books, games, etc. Guess what? That’s not all. The Samsung T5 really lets you feel free with fast transfers in gaming, music, when moving to smartphones, and even laptops. Its like carrying everything you could possibly need in the palm of your hand.

The Samsung T5 Design Specs

The T5 is designed to be compact, light, and genuinely portable, as described. The device measures 2.26 inches by 2.91 inches. It is 0.41 inches thick and weighs only 1.8 oz.

As a personal data storage device, users get to decide the color they want with their individual T5. Remember that it is available in a range of chic hues such as deep black, matte red, metallic red, blue, and rose gold. The variety in choices is not available in 2 TB and 250 GB devices.

Technical Efficiency

The Samsung T5 is 4.9 times faster than your typical external HDD. With the Samsung V-NAND flash memory in addition to the USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, the T5 offers transfer speeds of around 540 MB/s*. Users who have trouble transferring 4K videos and high-resolution images will no longer have an issue with transporting and storing data.

Data Protection

The portable SSD is one compact product without any moving parts attached to it or within it, making it super easy to carry and handle. The sturdy design is shock resistant. When tested, it survived a drop of up to 2 meters without even a bit of a dent.

The product is packed with AES 256 bit hardware encryption that helps you keep your things more secure through password protection. You can use USB type C to C as well as USB Type C to A with the cables that are present with the package.

The Samsung T5 is accompanied by intuitive software for both Mac and PCs.

Users can also download the app on their Android mobile devices.


The product retails for $168.94 on Amazon and comes with a three-year warranty.

Should You Get the Samsung T5?

These storage devices are for those who carry large files and would like to keep it as accessible as possible. Most users are pleased with their experience and would recommend a purchase. The Samsung T5 is not significant upgrade from the previous iteration but it does do its job of providing excellent storage services. Users note that if you want to use it for Mac devices you’ll want to erase and reformat it. They also note that is great upload speeds as well.

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