Goodbye clara? Rumor says doctor who companion is leaving at christmas

Goodbye Clara? Rumor Says Doctor Who Companion is Leaving At Christmas

Clara Oswin Oswald may not feel like she’s been around for a long time but she’ll actually have been the Doctor’s companion for 18 months when the new season rolls around (August 23rd!). But is that enough for actress Jenna Coleman? Enough Time and Space? The news was broken on Saturday by the Daily Mail, saying that…

Peter capaldi on the upcoming season of doctor who

Peter Capaldi on the Upcoming Season of Doctor Who

With the newest season of Doctor Who quickly approaching, its surprising that there has been little revealed about the 12th Doctor or about what lies in store for Season 8. However Peter Capaldi, the man portraying the 12th Doctor, has been recently interviewed by The Sunday Times and has shed some light on the newest incarnation of the Doctor….

He’s back: the first full trailer for doctor who season 8

He’s Back: The First Full Trailer for Doctor Who Season 8

After several frustratingly short 15-second teasers, BBC One, finally doing us fans a huge favor, has now released the first full-length trailer for the newest session of our beloved TV show, Doctor Who Season 8. The barely-over-a-minute-long trailer, is titled ‘Doctor Who – Series Eight Trailer – New Doctor, New Monsters and Old Enemies,’ and features…

Your annual check-up is coming soon: doctor who returns.

Your Annual Check-up Is Coming Soon: Doctor Who Returns.

The countdown has officially begun for the return of Doctor Who. Initially, we were told “later this year,” then we narrowed it down to August, but now a brand-new teaser trailer has announced the air date and time for Peter Capaldi’s first episode as the Twelfth Doctor! If you’re a Whovian, your wait for the…