Goodbye Clara? Rumor Says Doctor Who Companion is Leaving At Christmas

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Clara Oswin Oswald may not feel like she’s been around for a long time but she’ll actually have been the Doctor’s companion for 18 months when the new season rolls around (August 23rd!). But is that enough for actress Jenna Coleman?

Enough Time and Space?

The news was broken on Saturday by the Daily Mail, saying that Jenna Coleman could be leaving Doctor Who this Christmas. When reached for comment, the BBC said they would not ‘confirm or deny’  the rumors but would instead focus on the upcoming season. Unfortunately, this cryptic answer actually makes the report seem more likely as show runner Steven Moffat is infamous for his attempts at secrecy.

Jenna Coleman’s companion, Clara Oswald, is only one of two companions to see a Doctor regenerate in ‘new Who’ (meaning anything from the 2005 reboot and on). Rose Tyler is the only other companion to do so in this case, watching 9 become 10. But all the hype around Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor makes him out to be a very different man from the 11th Doctor (or even 9th or 10th). If Clara can’t fully adjust to this new kind of man, it makes perfect sense for her to leave.

But for the actress? Well that makes sense too. Jenna Coleman has been attached to Doctor Who for the past few years, even if it doesn’t feel like that. The long gap between season 7, the 50th special, and the upcoming season make it feel like we’ve barely seen Clara and it’s true. If she bows out at Christmas it will have been after a season and a half, as well as the 50th–that’s more than previous companions Martha Jones or Donna Noble. And after being tied to the show for so long, it’s likely Coleman wants to try something new.

For now, take it with a grain of salt. But if it’s true that means the BBC is going to be a looking for a new companion and one that can keep up with the heavily hyped Capaldi. And it also means that Moffat’s writing her exit and after the tearjerker of Amy and Rory goodbye in “Angels Take Manhattan”, get the tissues ready.