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Your Annual Check-up Is Coming Soon: Doctor Who Returns.

The countdown has officially begun for the return of Doctor Who. Initially, we were told “later this year,” then we narrowed it down to August, but now a brand-new teaser trailer has announced the air date and time for Peter Capaldi’s first episode as the Twelfth Doctor! If you’re a Whovian, your wait for the eighth season will soon be over. Last Friday BBC America announced that Doctor Who would be returning Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c. So, get your screwdrivers ready!

What We Know So Far

The first episode will not only set the atmosphere for the eighth season, but will also give us some insight into what type of Doctor Capaldi will be. This season will be Capaldi’s first season as the centuries old alien and he has been nothing short of secretive in how he will approach the role. We were given a few glimpses of his Doctor in The Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Special and another look in the final minutes of last year’s Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” which happened to be Matt Smith’s swan song as the Eleventh time traveling Doctor. The premiere episode for this season is entitled “Deep Breath.” No synopsis has been released for “Deep Breath” and any details on Season 8 or the Doctor himself have been few and far between. What we do know is that there may be a possible love interest, or perhaps a new companion, since BBC introduced a new character, Danny Pink, back in February.

Teaser Trailer

The announcement was made using a brand new teaser trailer. The teaser seems to be an apparent continuation of the previous teaser we were given on May 23. It features the quick, shadowy glimpses of the Doctor inside a burning TARDIS and the Doctor’s companion, Clara (played by Jenna Coleman). However, unlike like the previous trailer, this teaser features a bit of dialogue:

“Clara, be my pal, tell me. Am I a good man?” The Doctor asks. “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore,” replies Clara.

What does that exchange even mean?! It’s all too cryptic for me to decipher. But, it is obvious that this Doctor is having some sort of identity crisis. Maybe this signals the return to an angry doctor like the Ninth Doctor.

World Tour

With production of season 8 expected to last until August, the cast and crew will not appear at the upcoming comic-con, meaning there will be no Doctor Who panel this year! Just let that sink in. However, beginning August 7th, Capaldi and Coleman will take part in the Doctor Who world tour. This will be the first ever Doctor Who tour and the largest promotion of the show in its 50 year history. The tour will span over 12 days, covering 5 continents, and stopping in 7 cities. The tour begins in Cardiff, Wales, and will then head to London, Seoul, and Sydney before stopping in New York on August 14. So, for all those in America who are as excited as I am make sure you are there! After New York, the tour will continue to Mexico City and concluded in Rio de Janeiro. Capaldi is obviously excited about the tour, while talking about the tour he stated:

“It’s fantastic that so many across the world love Doctor Who After 8 months of solid filming deep in the world of monsters, Jenna and I are thrilled to be heading for the planet of fans.”

With every new Doctor comes a new personality. It will be interesting to see what type of Doctor Capaldi will be. Will he be dark, like the Ninth Doctor or full of life, like the Tenth (David Tennant) and Eleventh (Smith) or perhaps somewhere in between? Regardless of how he plays the role, Capaldi will have some big shoes to fill as his predecessors, Tennant and Smith, took the role to new heights. But, if anyone can take the role to the next stratosphere it could only be Peter Capaldi.

You can watch the new Doctor Who teaser trailer below.