What today’s gaming companies can learn from older games

What Today’s Gaming Companies Can Learn From Older Games

As new video games are announced and released, the producers and designers usually talk about how their game redesigns this or redefines that. However isn’t there that saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Sometimes games don’t have to redefine anything. There have been multiple games that people have labeled as classics, games that…

The harry potter video game series: the good, the bad and the irritating

The Harry Potter Video Game Series: The Good, The Bad and The Irritating

Which is the best Harry Potter Video Game? Througout the years, many fans of the Harry Potter video game series have discussed their opinions on the best book or the best film. Everyone has their own views and personal favorites. However it is rare to find any real discussion about the video games, which is understandable as…

Nintendo’s response to fan’s plea to immortalize robin williams

Nintendo’s Response to Fan’s Plea to Immortalize Robin Williams

Nintendo Finally Responds to Fans Requests Recently with the tragic passing of Robin Williams, fans of Nintendo’s Zelda series have petitioned to have the comedian incorporated in some form into the next game in the franchise. Williams was a huge fan of the Zelda franchise, even naming his daughter after the titular princess. The petition was featured on change.org and…

Rwby season 2, episode 2: welcome to beacon

RWBY Season 2, Episode 2: Welcome to Beacon

Lots of information, characters and possible plot information was brought up in the second episode of season 2 of RWBY. In particular viewers see more behind why Blake is uncomfortable with being a faunus and what kind of person Headmaster Ozpin is. A couple new characters introduced At the begging of the episode the audience is introduced…

‘into the woods’ film finally has a trailer

‘Into the Woods’ Film Finally has a Trailer

‘Into the Woods’ Now Has an Official Trailer After months and months of only pictures and cast confirmations, Disney’s Into the Woods has now officially released a trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical!! The trailer isn’t all that long, but it definitely leaves a solid impression and a sense of awe! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNVGDZHRJXM]…

Peter capaldi on the upcoming season of doctor who

Peter Capaldi on the Upcoming Season of Doctor Who

With the newest season of Doctor Who quickly approaching, its surprising that there has been little revealed about the 12th Doctor or about what lies in store for Season 8. However Peter Capaldi, the man portraying the 12th Doctor, has been recently interviewed by The Sunday Times and has shed some light on the newest incarnation of the Doctor….

Rwby season 2, chapter 1- “best day ever”

RWBY Season 2, Chapter 1- “Best Day Ever”

RWBY seasons two has finally begun with a mixture of new and old. Chapter one is definitely an introductory episode through and through, but is it a quality episode in general? [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpAfCxXctlY] Old and New Faces The two new characters who are introduced at the begging of the episode are Mercury and Emerald. Not…

New insight on ‘lords of the fallen’ gameplay

New Insight on ‘Lords of the Fallen’ Gameplay

More Information on Square Enix’s Version of Demon Slaying This year at Comic-con there were a lot of trailers for multiple games, but one that caught a bit of attention was a game that really hasn’t received much hype: Lords of the Fallen. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvFkNvATNpE] Lords of the Fallen is headed by Tomasz Gop, a designer…

Robert downey jr. ’s opinion on iron man’s future?

Robert Downey Jr.’s Opinion On Iron Man’s Future?

Fifty-Fifty Change for Iron Man 4 Recently Robert Downey Jr. has stated that there is a possibility to his return as Tony Stark for another Iron Man film. However he has stated that he’s very torn about it and repeatedly stated that nothing was really set in stone. Robert Downey Jr. stated that “It’s down to Kevin (Feige,…

New pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire trailer

New Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Trailer

More Information About Hoenn Remakes Nintendo has released another trailer for the upcoming Pokemon remakes Alpha Sapphire and Omega Red! This time showing off the gym leaders, Elite Four members as well as all kinds of new features. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfJqaQJjh2Q]   There are clearly emphasis on the Gym Leaders and some of the Elite Four. The Gyms themselves definitely are…