Robert Downey Jr.’s Opinion On Iron Man’s Future?

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Fifty-Fifty Change for Iron Man 4

Recently Robert Downey Jr. has stated that there is a possibility to his return as Tony Stark for another Iron Man film. However he has stated that he’s very torn about it and repeatedly stated that nothing was really set in stone. Robert Downey Jr. stated that “It’s down to Kevin (Feige, President of Marvel Studios) and Ike (Perlmutter, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment) and Disney to come to us with what the proposal is, and that’s on us to agree or disagree, when things are going great, there’s a lot of agreement.”

After Iron Man 3 wowed audiences after its predecessor did only so-so, the public really had an interest in the possibility of a fourth Iron Man movie. However as Downey Jr. has said, it is really up in the air on the possibility that a fourth film could exist. The third film ended on a note that seemed a conclusion to the Iron Man series but on the other hand Avengers: Age of Ultron will have Downey Jr. kicking all kinds of ass in the traditional Iron Man suit. There is also the fact that according to Variety Marvel has announced that an as of yet untitled film will be released on May 4th, 2018. Variety also stated that this movie will be the first of three Marvel films to be released in 2018, with this in mind the possibility of an Iron Man 4 can’t be labeled as impossible.

Age of Ultron Situation and its Impact on Possibility of Iron Man Four

Downey Jr. has said that most Marvel films so far have been pretty decent films and that he believes that Age of Ultron has a lot of good potential and that he had an all over good vibe about the film in general. This is a very interesting statement with the fact that Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansen have reported to have been having tense conversations with Marvel about fees during the production of the Age of Ultron film. Like the fourth film’s status, it seems like Downey Jr.’s relationship with Marvel might not be all that solid at the moment. There is also the fact that Downey Jr. has been officially reported by Forbes as the highest paid actor in Hollywood might not help the cause for Iron Man 4 to be an actuality. It could mean that if Marvel really wanted him back, it could cost quite a pretty penny. Still if the team that brought us Iron Man 3 had a decent script and concept, hopefully it could be a movie worth waiting for.

Nevertheless, even if Iron Man 4 isn’t a definite possibility, fans of Robert Downey Jr. and the recent Marvel films can look forward to Avengers: The Age of Ultron to see Downey Jr. once again don the Iron Man suit and kick butt alongside his fellow Avengers. Maybe something in The Age of Ultron might hint at an Iron Man 4 film, as the newer movies have had a habit of having little scenes at the end of them revealing new films in the making.

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  1. “After Iron Man 3 wowed audiences after its predecessor did only so-so” I would say that Iron Man 3 was the worst Iron man movie of the trilogy, the plot was terrible, the apparent “anxiety and panic issues” were never resolved for Tony Stark which begs the question why were they added in the first place?, not to mention the Mandarin twist which was a slap in the face to comic book fans. Shane Black should never be in charge of another Iron Man movie being produced, BRING BACK JON FAVREAU!!

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