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Secret Bases Recieve Tune Up in Pokemon Remakes

New Info about Hoenn Remakes

In the original Ruby and Sapphire the so called “Secret Bases” were an interesting new feature, but not much motivation behind making one. In the new remakes of the Generation III Pokemon games, that definitely is not the case!! Nintendo has officially renamed them “Super Secret Bases” and given all kinds of incentives to create one during your adventure in Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire. The 3DS’s ability to have online play really revolutionizes the possibilities of a secret base! The original options for customizing and decorating the secret space is still at the core of the Secret Base concept, but it has been totally revamped.

Endless Possibilities

In both Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire an original character known as Aarune, along with his trusty Flygon, has been created in order to introduce and explain the details behind secret bases. Bases can now be shared between users via StreetPass or the QR code, a specific code unique to each players secret base, allowing instant access. Players can relax, chat and even battle inside Secret Bases. Ever dreamed of having your own gym? Well, you can turn your secret base into one! Players can set up mazes and traps as well as battle rules for their specific secret base. Another feature to be added is the concept of “Secret Pals”. A player can request to be secret pals with anyone that is visiting their Secret Base and the player actually gains benefits for having a surplus of “Secret Pals”. Pokemon in the party gaining levels and eggs hatching at a faster rate are two bonuses or benefits a player can gain from having Secret Pals. As if this wasn’t enough, you can “capture” flags from other peoples bases, which in turn levels up your Secret Base rank, allowing the player to gain more advantages and bonuses from their Secret Pals. However you can only take one flag a day from every base you visit, so there is a limit. In the end, this expansion on one small detail of the third generation Pokemon games demonstrates that Nintendo is doing its utmost best to change and add new features to the gameplay in Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire. Just think, if this is just a new addition to a small feature like Secret Bases, what else can be expected to change in the new remakes of the Hoenn Region? New Mega Evolutions have been slowly revealed and there are multiple opportunities for Nintendo to enhanced and re-invent in these two games like Poke’ Navs, Pokemon Contests and the Battle Frontier. Still nothing is set in stone and some aspects of Pokemon do need to be changed. Hopefully as Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby’s November release date gets closer, more information will come to light. Until then fingers are crossed for more good news to come!