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New Insight on ‘Lords of the Fallen’ Gameplay

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This year at Comic-con there were a lot of trailers for multiple games, but one that caught a bit of attention was a game that really hasn’t received much hype: Lords of the Fallen.


Lords of the Fallen is headed by Tomasz Gop, a designer of games like Witcher 2. As a game that is mainly on next-generation consoles, Lords of the Fallen hasn’t had much publicity or discussed too much. Lords of the Fallen is a fantasy RPG that has coined itself as “Borderlands meets Dark Souls”. Immediately you can see the comparison between this game and the Dark Souls games. There is a similar emphasis on horror mixed with fantasy and the fact that the player will die numerous times. From the trailer, the combat looks pretty decent: very smooth and flexible and able to use the environment to their advantage. The player will even have to “re-connect” with their body once killed in order to regain their experience, very similar to a part of the Souls universe as a whole. Death apparently is supposed to be as common as it is in the Souls series, relying on good timing and strategy to overcome various bosses and enemies. Something that does separates Lords of the Fallen from the Dark Souls series is that the main character isn’t nameless, there are a set amount of classes for said main character and is the former’s emphasis on story, on its main character Harkyn and his quest to save the world.

Story and Gameplay


From what has been revealed from the story, Harkyn’s backstory and style seems similar to Kratos from The God of War series, where he has numerous sins, a man of violence and lust and yet is chosen to save the world from an unspeakable evil. However in Lords of the Fallen the hope is that Harkyn, alongside Kaslo his mentor, will try to forge alliances and connections as opposed to defeating evil single handedly like Kratos. It seems Harkyn longs for redemption from his sins and will try to save the world and have a chance at gaining atonement. What is Harkyn saving the world from? An ancient army that hasnt been seen for hundreds of years and is determined to exterminate, or enslave, the human race. It seems a little generic, but this story (if written well) mixed with Dark Souls-esque gameplay could really be a winning combination, if handled correctly.

Harkyn’s equipment is completely customizable and up to the player to define, while he always has specific spells, which ones that are available depends on which class was chosen at the beginning of the game: cleric, rogue or warrior. Sadly not much is known about Harkyn or the sins he wishes to be absolved of, still here’s to hoping more information will be revealed as the release date approaches. Lords of the Fallen will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 31st and maybe then the question whether Lords of the Fallen is a copy of Dark Souls or its own unique game will be answered.