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Top Five Nerd Wedding Themes

Is your wedding day near? Having trouble picking a theme? We’re here to help. Geek or not, we can all agree that weddings are probably the most joyous, yet tear-jerking moments of our lives. Although, many engaged couples and newlyweds complain that the planning of the wedding in itself was the single most hair ripping and agitating experience of their entire marriage. Obviously, these couples were not nerds. Here are some cool ways that wedding planning can turn from exhausting and tiresome to engaging, fun, and nerdy!

Doctor Who  Themed Wedding

Doctor who, save the date cards, nerd wedding themes

Doctor Who in Canada and the United States refers to the broadcast history of the long-running British science fiction television series. Who wouldn’t want a wedding themed after British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC? Get it? Who? There will be tons of inspiration you can gather for your wedding from this well-loved show.

Chemistry Nerd Themed Wedding

Chemistry-nerd themed wedding

Does the love between you and your fiancee burn brighter than a Bunsen Burner on full bright? Do you and your loved one desire to live a life like monosaccharides-sweet and simple? If you answered yes, then maybe a chemistry themed wedding would be the perfect theme for you!  

Star Wars Themed Wedding

Star wars, nerd themed wedding

Do you want to get Hoth and Heavy with your newlywed during your honeymoon? Is he/she the Obi-wan for you? Try considering a fun, romantic Star Wars themed wedding. It’ll be outta this world!

Super Mario Themed Wedding

Super mario, nerd themed wedding

Is she the Princess Peach to your Mario? Would you fight a wild Bowser for her and save her from a tower with hot, steaming lava? Would you jump over mushrooms and ride a wild Yoshi for her? Then you need to add a little Super Mario inspiration to your themed wedding!

Tetris Themed Wedding

Tetris, nerd themed wedding

Do you and your fiance complete each other…like Tetris pieces? Tetris has been around a long time and everyone loves it! Don’t hesitate to throw in a little Tetris inspiration into your wedding!