Gadgets for 'Doctor Who' Fans

Saturday was an exciting day for Doctor Who fans across the universe as the 12th Doctor took flight in his TARDIS and landed right into our homes and hearts. Although I viewed the series premiere with only a small group of family members, hundreds of fans hosted large get-togethers and shrines to the program in celebration. It’s easier now than ever before to decorate yourself and your surroundings in all things Who, and there are some pretty cool gadgets out there that you simply must have either for Doctor Who viewing parties or your daily adventures.

Doctor Who  TARDIS Jewelry Box

Although I religiously browse the Think Geek website, I only recently discovered this gem of a collectible and have added it to my wish list. With six drawers, six hooks, and a teeny tiny mirror, this jewelry box will fit cozily on your mantlepiece or vanity. Think Geek prices it at $39.99, which may be a tad much for a 10×5 cardboard box, but this would definitely be something worth purchasing when on sale.

TARDIS Collector Series Watch

Gadgets for 'Doctor Who' Fans: Watch


This little diddy will set you back a cool $199.99, but damn, this is COOL!  Water resistant up to 5ATM and made from stainless steel and leather, this watch is 100% Who. Gallifreyan script and plenty of police box elements decorate this gadget. You’ll always want to know what time it is, just so you can keep checking your timey-wimey wrist device.

Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote

Possibly the most perfect gadget for a Doctor Who celebration is the sonic screwdriver programmable TV remote. It actually connects to your entertainment system. So whether you’re the hostess with the mostess or the life of the party, any proper Whovian would have a blast sonic-ing away during their favorite episode.

Van Gogh TARDIS Dress

And lastly, what to wear to your Whovian shindig? Well, this Van Gogh TARDIS frock, of course!

Now that you are prepared for whatever this season of Doctor Who brings, go forth and adventure on. Just remember to keep time, you wouldn’t want to get lost in space. Or, would you?