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#KeepMeSpoilerFree : Doctor Who Scripts Leaked

This week, it was revealed that five scripts for the upcoming season 8 of Doctor Who had been leaked. The scripts were in transit for closed caption purpose and they got out. Information for Doctor Who is in high demand but the actual script for Peter Capaldi’s first appearance as the Doctor? Fan sites should have exploded.

Which is why the immediate fan response was even better.

After the news broke fans took to twitter with #keepmespoilerfree. It seems like most Doctor Who fans didn’t want to read the script ahead of time. The scripts are only the barest blueprint of the episode. A script has no actors to say it, no director to oversee it and no set to transport you there. But the script does have the information and fans have been desperate for it. With Doctor Who not appearing at San Diego Comic-Con this month, fans will really have nothing until the episode “Deep Breath” on August 23rd There is the Doctor Who World Tour landing in New York City on August 14th and reports that the premiere episode will air during stops on the door but this isn’t a lot for fans to go on.

But Whovians and the BBC made the right call. The BBC  confirmed that the scripts had been leaked and asked fans to keep it to themselves if they did want to read them. They didn’t make a huge fuss, they didn’t threaten to pull production as Hollywood has done in some productions, and they aren’t blaming anyone for the leak. Politely, they asked fans not to read scripts but it they did to keep it to themselves.

And fans responded with #keepmespoilerfree. While it is certain that some fans will go right ahead and read the scripts (although it just as many trolls are doing it to ruin the show for real fans) most of them are going to anxiously await the premiere. So, well done Whovians and remember; only 43 days until it’s back.