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Doctor Who Cosplay – The Doctors, a Dalek, and a TARDIS

There’s nothing like a good Doctor Who Cosplay. Why? Because there are so many creative options! Sure, you can choose to cosplay as one of the many Doctors, but why stop there? You can be one of the Doctor’s many nemesis’, or even the TARDIS itself! The opportunities are endless.

 Doctor who cosplay

Doctor Who Cosplay

We captured several iterations of the Doctor in one shot! The Fourth Doctor, in the foreground, is instantly recognizable by his incredibly long, eccentric scarf! This cosplayer completed the look with the signature fedora. The Eleventh Doctor, in the background, made his cosplay recognizable with signature red suspenders and, of course, a red bow tie. The plush TARDIS was a dead giveaway, too.

 Doctor who cosplay

Dalek Cosplay

This is the first and only time we have been treated to a cosplay as realistic and true to character as this Dalek. Built into a completely realistic model, the guy riding inside manned controls that allowed him to move about the convention independently. Watching him chase the various Doctor Who Cosplay participants was quite a treat. Odds are, this is one of the few fully operational and completely realistic Dalek Cosplay costumes out there. Well done, sir! Exterminate!

 Doctor who cosplay

TARDIS Cosplay

While walking around inside a giant blue police telephone booth might not be your thing (although we have seen it done!), it doesn’t mean you can’t go to your next convention as the iconic time machine. As we see in the photo above, this cosplayer pulled out all the stops with a classic trench coat, spacey time-travel tie, and of course, a plush TARDIS to pull it all together. We love new spins on old favorites and this one didn’t disappoint. Now, all we need is someone to do an inventive cosplay as the Sonic Screwdriver!