Control Your Devices With The Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who

Doctor who

Perhaps one of the most iconic gadgets in popular culture is the infamous Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who. Although the device has changed throughout the years, it has remained the Doctor’s most used gadget, giving him the ability to pick locks, perform medical scans and find nearby extra-terrestrial danger.

As iconic as the Sonic Screwdriver is, the demand for replicas has been skyrocketing since its debut. But the problem with replicas is that they serve no real purpose other than to have something to show off. When you buy a Sonic Screwdriver, wouldn’t it be nice if it actually did something other than light up and make sound effects through a crappy speaker?


Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver – Programmable Universal Remote Control

One of the most essential uses for the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver was that it could control any device, whether human or alien. This awesome replica comes even closer to the real thing, with the ability to control any of your home devices that have an infrared sensor. This includes televisions, cable boxes, iPod docks, Blu-ray players and even air conditioners. The commands are assigned, through voice prompting, to your choice of 13 different hand gestures, just like the Doctor himself. The Screwdriver also keeps the qualities of a great replica, as it assigns an authentic Doctor Who sound effect to each control. Gestures include flicking, which is useful for menu navigation, and rotating, perfect for volume control.

The authenticity of the Screwdriver doesn’t simply lie in its abilities. With great attention to detail, it is protected by copper plated die cast metal along with a thermoplastic polyurethane grip. An illustrated instruction manual and a display stand and cover are also included with the Screwdriver. Purchase your Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver- Programmable Universal Remote here.