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Instagram is coming to life! The socialmatic polaroid camera

Instagram is Coming to Life! The Socialmatic Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid camera plus Instagram, how much cooler can you get? The Socialmatic Polaroid camera is the hottest product at the moment Instagram and photo editing apps are very popular on the app store at the moment. There are a number of photo apps on the app store but Instagram continues to be the most…

Wind up knight: slash your way to the top

Wind up Knight: Slash Your Way to the Top

Wind up Knight Wish to play the brave knight in the classic tale of love and valor? Install Wind up Knight on your Android device and set out on a mission to save the beautiful princess from the devil. The amazing 3D action adventure game is full of challenges at every step of the way….

Explore the gooey world with world of goo

Explore the Gooey World with World of Goo

Remember playing with those sticky, gummy and messy goo balls as a child? A new way to extract fun out of these balls is the World of Goo. Originally launched as a PC game in 2008, it now entertains gamers from all age brackets on popular mobile platforms including Android. Winner of many prestigious awards,…

Naked browser – an amazing choice for low end android phones

Naked Browser – an Amazing Choice for Low End Android Phones

Not every Android user requires fancy web browsers to access websites. A simple-looking option like Naked Browser can do the trick. In fact, it is a great tool that ensures the pleasure of pure internet browsing, without demanding high-end processing or huge RAM sizes. Even with limited disk space and processor capabilities, you can enjoy…

Try press – an amazing google reader client for android devices

Try Press – an Amazing Google Reader Client for Android Devices

Press News stories and well written blogs are rich information sources. Subscribing to RSS feeds lets people keep in touch with the most preferred and regularly updated blogs. How is it possible to refer to these feeds while traveling or when at work? If you have an Android phone, it is possible with Press, one…

How to fix push notifications lag on android

How to Fix Push Notifications Lag on Android

 Android Push Notification Lag! Anyone who spends a lot of time online, on their PC and mobile will tell you that the timing of Facebook, Twitter or any other service’s notification received on a PC; varies from the time it takes the same notification to be pushed onto a mobile device. These notifications take nearly…

Snapseed app: take your image editing experience to the next level

Snapseed App: Take Your Image Editing Experience to the Next Level

Snapseed for Android Smartphones have smaller screens in comparison with desktops. Hence, editing images on smartphones can become difficult; particularly when you are making fine-grained adjustments. Most of the Android based image editors only have a bunch of filters or 2 to 3 basic features available. Snapseed works better much better than the others, because…

Serval mesh: chat to other android phones without a network

Serval Mesh: Chat to Other Android Phones without a Network

Though we don’t plan ahead for encountering emergencies, to deal with it properly however, we have a solution – Serval Mesh for Android. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, it’s unimaginable for us to spend an entire day without any working telecommunication system. So, what do we do if regular phone networks are out of order?…

Love sports? Try yahoo sportacular for android

Love Sports? Try Yahoo Sportacular for Android

Yahoo! Sports has been one of the prime online sources of real time sports information for years. What more can be expected from Yahoo? A mobile application allowing sports lovers to follow their favorite teams in different sports! And now we have it, with Yahoo! Sportacular, a sports update application for Android enabled devices. Whatever…

Springpad app for android

Springpad App for Android

Keep Projects Organized with Springpad for Androids Springpad has been around since 2008 when it was initially launched as a web service. It actually allowed its registered users to save, organize and share information. The good news is its available as a mobile app for Android (Also for iOS). Some call it an information organizer,…

Lux app: helps save android phone battery

Lux App: Helps Save Android Phone Battery

Gone are the days when the phone’s battery life would extend up to 3-4 days before demanding a subsequent charge. Smart phones, with power-packed features and rich applications, are not easy on battery consumption. As a result, solutions are being constantly developed to address the issue. Many of these solutions specifically target phone screens; one…

Move the box – an amazing android puzzle game

Move the Box – An Amazing Android Puzzle Game

Most of us welcome puzzle games because they have a way of engrossing us and challenging us as well. If you have ever played ‘Bejeweled’ or ‘Cut the Rope’ in the past, then ‘Move the Box’ is what you need to try next. This puzzle game for Android (also available for iOS) is a simple,…

Barcode scanner app: find more information with android

Barcode Scanner App: Find More Information with Android

Barcodes and QR codes have become very popular in consumer advertising, marketing and shopping. Anything from website URLs or contact information, to any specific information about products and brands can be coded and placed anywhere. And, in order to decode them, what you need is a barcode or QR code scanner. Barcode Scanner for Android…