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UberSocial – An Android App That Helps You to Take Control of Your Twitter Account

by Costea Lestoc


Keeping in touch with the world of Tweets is so much easier with the availability of Twitter clients for Android devices. UberSocial, without any doubt is one of the best among the lot, for offering hassle-free access to most of the basic Twitter features. Available with a variety of themes and high-degree customization support, the application is considered by many as better than the official Twitter client for Androids. Is it really so? Well, below are some of the basic advantages of UberSocial covered and after reading, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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Easy Access to Information through UberSocial

UberSocial categorizes the most desired information from your Twitter account into carefully designated columns. Apart from viewing the Timelines of your Twitter contacts, you can also swipe to view re-tweets, trends and favorites. You will also have access to tweets that mention your name and direct messages. Composing a new tweet is extremely easy and so are the functions like replying and sharing.

Mute and Inner Circles of UberSocial

Two amazing highlights of the application are the features called Mute and Inner Circles. Mute will help you prevent a user or topic from appearing in any of the columns, without actually blocking them from the Twitter account. A good feature indeed for staying away from those whom you cannot block (It may look rude), but, you may still want to avoid seeing his or her updates. Another equally good feature is Inner Circles, which allows you to instantly view updates of selected or favorite contacts.

Extending the Social Profile via UberSocial

Do you have multiple Twitter accounts? Manage them all with this application. Going further, you can also add a Facebook account to view the news and updates. Status editing for Google Chat is also possible with UberSocial. Make your Android device the access point of your social circle with these awesome features.



UberSocial – Limitless Multimedia Usage

Post photos and videos along with text in your tweets without any hassle. Capture images and videos or add them from your camera. Have easy previews of links posted in the tweets as well. Make use of location based services, which include tagging, searching, and viewing tweets made near you. Send tweets that are longer than 140 characters and make the best out of URL shortening features.

Many Additional Features of UberSocial

  • Easily change or set notification settings, sound settings and display settings.
  • Live Preview screen to instantly view the latest tweets and preview the web links embedded in the tweets.
  • Advanced search features and saved searches.
  • Pull or shake to refresh your feed.
  • Conversation view to have a look at previous tweets, retweets and replies.
  • Security and privacy deployments

UberSocial is a powerful, user-friendly and customizable app. It is packed with many great features, and is one of the top twitter clients for Android.

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