The Next Smartphone from Apple ‘iPhone 6’ – Rumors Roundup

More than half of the world is yet to experience the awesomeness of iPhone 5, and rumors on the next possible iteration of iPhone have made waves over the internet already. Though not official, information from various sources, websites and claims reveal that a model of the next generation iPhone does exist, and is reportedly in the making. So as a compilation from various sources, here’s a comprehensive roundup on the speculatively upcoming iPhone with an undecided moniker.

Iphone 6 rumors
The iPhone 6 Concept Design

Possibly a Less Expensive Version of the iPhone 5?

The speculations first begin with the name of the next iPhone. While some claim it to be the iPhone 5S, some call it the iPhone 6. There is also a rumor stating that the company is coming up with a less expensive version of the iPhone 5, and will make a debut of it around the fall of 2013.

Convincing, because Apple has been doing this, and it is clearly evident from the rollouts of models like the 3GS and 4S. A subsidiary version of an iPhone always follows the original with some minor tweaks and modifications. And the 5S, if any, could be just that and may sport a plastic body, a smaller screen size or minimized specifications and connectivity options to bring down the price.

And in case, if there is no auxiliary version of the iPhone, the plunge may be to the next-gen iPhone as anticipated by many. There have been rumors regarding the development of the same, which claim of several new facts. The 6th major version of the iPhone may eventually sport a larger screen or take an elongated shape, and include a capacitive touch screen.

The inclusion of a capacitive touch screen will allow users to switch between apps and other screens with a simple swipe gesture. It may have a beefed up processor, which could be the custom A7 or the A6X, and supposedly include a better camera. On the connectivity front, NFC may be a part of the next version of the iPhone and may sport a larger storage capacity, just like the healthier model of the iPad Apple that released a few weeks ago.

Out of all the speculations, two appear to be the most interesting. First is that the iPhone 6 may roll out in the market with more choices on the chassis color, and the other is the simultaneous release of iOS 7. Rumors say that the iPhone may release with a preloaded version of the iOS7 and may have an extended battery life as well.

Iphone 6 rumor round-up
Designed by Archil Vardidze: iPhone 6 Concept

Any news on its Release date and pricing?

Yes there is, rumors though! Information from various sources claims that the phone may witness the limelight during the Apple World Developer Conference, scheduled for June 2013. Too early to believe! But to convince us, some resources say that the company may actually unveil the device at the event; but may choose a further date to release it in the market.

And as far as prices are concerned, whispers are there that the device may release with a price tag of the usual $199 for the basic models, and at incremented prices for incremented storage spaces.

Rumors are interesting to read, specifically when they quote a never before seen technology and concepts. However, in this case the rumors seem to be believable with the only suspicion being over the unveiling date. All Apple fans can do at this point is hope the rumors are true; or at the very least, get our hands on the new iPhone 6 for a much cheaper price!