The Latest Updates on iPad 5: with Photos!

Apple’s iPad 5 is rumored to debut on October 2013, thereby eliciting excitement and cynicism from fans and foes alike.

Is the iPad 5 going to be included in your Christmas list? You should start saving more money, then, because it just might be launched sooner than Christmas! Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge published juicy details regarding the upcoming launch of iPad 5 this October 2013. Horwitz stated that he was given the opportunity to inspect the fifth-generation iPad so as of right now, his testimonials are discussed with significant consideration. He stated that the device, which is noticeably thinner and smaller as compared to past iPads, is expected to arrive this October.

Here are some unconfirmed images that allegedly came from a China-based accessories maker. Thank you, China-based maker.

Rumored iPad 5 Photos

Ipad 5 rumor
Is this the rumored iPad 5?
Credit: 9to5Mac

Basing on the image, you can see that the back plate of the iPad 5 (left) seems to be similar to the recently launched iPad Mini (right). They’re both black and thinner and their edges seem to be more polished. The iPad 5’s bezel will be thinner all the way around, too, just like in the iPad Mini’s case. Will the iPad 5 be iPad Mini’s bigger brother, then? Or will it be the past iPads’ smaller brother?

Rumors say that the iPad Mini will possibly feature a 9.7 inch display. The iPad 5 is rumored to be significantly narrower than the iPad 4 as well.

Horwitz, adding conviction to the rumors, stated that the iPad 5 looks like a stretched iPad Mini. Also, he stated:

“This iPad 5 design is so much smaller that a full internal redesign — complete with a smaller, less power-hungry sequel to the A6X — can be safely assumed. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the new iPad remain roughly on par with the fourth-generation model in processing capabilities, with the improved screen, dramatically lower size, and reduced weight becoming the key selling points.”

Ipad 5
Feast your eyes on this: another rumored iPad 5 case picture!
Credit: 9to5Mac

The iPad 5 is also expected to be thinner, although not as thin as the iPad 2.

Even though iPad 5 is rumored to be released this March 2013, skeptics say that this rumor does not really make sense: Apple recently announced a new version of the iPad with 128 GB of storage, so it does not really seem logical for the Big A to have incoming plans to debut the iPad 5 as soon as possible. Earlier rumors are not really that worried – they believe that it can come out the next month, but a lot are skeptical.

On another note, Macworld UK posted a research note by Jefferies analyst, Peter Misek, who stated that he believes that the iPad 5 will contain IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) display. The importance of this highly geeky-sounding display is that it allows for smaller pixels, thereby giving the iPad 5 the ability to have a higher resolution or a higher reaction time for the display.

Other Apple products that are rumored to be released include an iPhone 5S which will be a plastic version of the iPhone for the price-conscious and a new iPad Mini.

What do you think? Is the iPad 5 going to be the next big thing? 



  1. Starman_Andromeda says:

    The increasingly rapid product update cycle is unnerving!

    It makes me (and other customers, I’ll bet) increasingly *less* likely to pull the trigger. With the next greatest thing always right around the corner, it’s paralyzing. It also means that buyer’s remorse–and displeasure with Apple–will increase.

    Paraphrasing the old V-8 commercial, “If only I’d waited, I could have had a…” (Fill in the blank with the name of the latest release.)

    A more consistent and reliable release sequence, annually, around the same time, means that one buys knowing full well that they’ve spent their money on something that won’t soon be updated. This way, though, we’ll forever be feeling as if we’d made a mistake– and that’s not good as a buyer!

    1. Mohseen Lala says:

      Very well said!

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