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Barcode Scanner App: Find More Information with Android

Barcodes and QR codes have become very popular in consumer advertising, marketing and shopping. Anything from website URLs or contact information, to any specific information about products and brands can be coded and placed anywhere. And, in order to decode them, what you need is a barcode or QR code scanner.

Barcode scanner for android

Barcode Scanner for Android

The great news is your Android smartphone, has just the app you need. Barcode Scanner for Android, has a huge user base and continues to grow. Make no mistake, this is the app you want, it just happens to be one of the most popular, among all other scanning apps for Android.

Scan Codes Anywhere

All you need is the camera on your phone, and the Barcode Scanner app scans the barcode or QR code. Decoding will then take you to the website where information about the product can be found. Even better, you can look up prices of the product at different sites to get the best deal possible.

Reviews can also be seen online. This way, you can easily learn what others have to say about specific products. Another great feature is mobile coupons and discounted deals can also be utilized with help of this application.

Creating Codes with Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner allows you to create your own codes for private notes and messages. You can send them securely to your friends and share. From simple texts to phone numbers, contact information, email addresses and any other type of information can easily be encoded. Bookmarks, geographical locations and calendar events are among other things you can code and send to your friends. A huge section of Android users find this feature useful and interesting.

Android app - barcode scanner
Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner Helps You with Sharing Codes

This handy app allows users to send scanned information to their contacts in different networks. This is a great feature, if you want others to access valuable information you just scanned – the best part is its easy and fast. Sharing is possible via text messages, emails and different social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You may also share the scanned codes through Bluetooth via Wi-Fi.

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Barcode Scanner is free to download and you can find the ad-free version on the internet. The latest versions of this app allow URL decoding and image decoding too. You can also use the auto-archive feature to record every decoded code in chronological order for later references.

Developed by ZXing, this awesome app, helps Android users conquer the world of old barcodes; as well as modern day QR codes and Data Matrix codes.

Download it now at Google Play

Try it out and let me know what you think!