Bring your Android device to life with these Cool Live Wallpapers

What makes Android better than its competitors, you ask? Well, there are a lot of features that would take me hours to compile, but the best feature (for me at least) is the ability to set Live Wallpapers. Live Wallpapers gives your Android device a new lively look. There are thousands of Live wallpapers to choose from for your Android, and sometimes it may be quite a hassle to choose the best one. So, in order to ease your pain a bit we’ve compiled this list of 5 Awesome Android Live wallpapers that you can use for both your phone and tablet.

Vortex Galaxy LWP

[Google Play]

First of all, we’d like to show you one of the most aspiring LWP we’ve come across so far. The vortex galaxy looks amazing on a big HD display like a tablet, but it looks equally great on my Galaxy Nexus too. So, you should try it too if you’re into space and galaxies. It looks calm and gives off an elegant look. Don’t like it? keep on reading there are more astonishing wallpapers coming up.

Shadow Galaxy LWP

[Google Play]

From the developers of Vortex Galaxy comes another impressive wallpaper, Shadow Galaxy. This one is much more darker than the Vortex and would suit your device if you’re into the remains of galaxies after the impact.

Thunderstorm LWP

[Google Play]

So, you’re not into space and galaxy stuff? Well, in that case maybe you’d like some heavy rain with clouds and thunder on your Android’s desktop. Thunderstorm LWP is one the best looking wallpapers available on Google Play. Everybody likes thunderstorms, don’t they?

Luminescent Jungle LWP

[Google Play]

This wallpaper will surely amaze you with its diverse range of plants and trees that look sharp and crisp. See, how the beauty changes from day to night. This wallpaper also offers numerous clocks to choose from, both free and paid. So, don’t miss out if you’re on the lookout for some incredibly amazing clock apps.

Sun Rise LWP

[Google Play]

Watching the sun rise while the trees float in the gentle morning breeze and birds soar high in the skies starting their day, this is definitely one of the most amazing scenes nature has to offer; and the Sun Rise LWP brings this inspiring scenery to your Android homescreen in shape of a live wallpaper. So, from now on you’ll never miss out the amazing sun rise.