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Love Sports? Try Yahoo Sportacular for Android

Yahoo! Sports has been one of the prime online sources of real time sports information for years. What more can be expected from Yahoo? A mobile application allowing sports lovers to follow their favorite teams in different sports! And now we have it, with Yahoo! Sportacular, a sports update application for Android enabled devices. Whatever is going on in the world of sports, you are never going to miss it with this app installed on your Android device.

Yahoo sportacular app

Plenty of Sports, Leagues and Teams

You can use it to follow your favorite sport, and you can choose from hockey, basketball, football, tennis, golf, auto sports and more. The application covers the most prestigious leagues in the world, including MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL and Premier League among others. Choose any of your favorite teams that are a part of these sports or leagues; and the application will keep you updated.

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Scores and Play-by-play Coverage

Are you missing out on watching live sports events because of work or travel? Yahoo! Sportacular is the perfect app, and keeps you connected. Refer to the live scores anytime, and stay connected with the game through play-by-play coverage. Another great feature of the application is it allows setting alerts for your favorite teams. With this, you will receive notifications when the game starts, ends, when the innings change or when the scores change and so on.

Team News and Updates

Do you want to know more about your favorite team in detail? The application can provide you with news and updates of not only a specific team, but also for particular sports events. Keep track of schedules and team records in an easy manner. Receive latest news feeds from the most popular sources like ESPN, Fox, Yahoo, and from the official websites of different leagues.

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Yahoo sportacular for android
Yahoo Sportacular

Make it More Interesting

Take your experience to a new level by sharing the sports news and live scores with others via social media sites as well as emails. Participate in interesting polls for different games. Through the Check-in section, you can post comments about any game through your Facebook profile.

If you crave sports updates, while fulfilling other commitments, Yahoo! Sportacular is a great choice. Keep the excitement alive as you cheer for your favorite team anywhere anytime.