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Lux App: Helps Save Android Phone Battery

Gone are the days when the phone’s battery life would extend up to 3-4 days before demanding a subsequent charge. Smart phones, with power-packed features and rich applications, are not easy on battery consumption. As a result, solutions are being constantly developed to address the issue. Many of these solutions specifically target phone screens; one of the most battery-hogging components of modern day devices. If you have an Android device, Lux can be good application to help you save on your phone battery.

Lux app for android

Lux App: Auto Screen Brightness Control

Lux is designed to auto control the screen brightness of Android phones in three different ways:

Periodically: The Periodic mode of the application changes the screen’s brightness after regular intervals of time. For example, your phone’s screen brightness will switch from bright during daytime to dim, at a specific time set by the user.

Dynamically: It is the intelligent mode of the application that changes the screen’s brightness, dynamically according to the ambient value of the external surroundings. For example, the brightness will be changed as you move from indoor to outdoor and vice versa.

On Wake: Lux automatically adjusts the screen brightness every time the phone wakes up from sleep or when you unlock it.

Creating Samples through Lux

In addition, the user can manually control the screen brightness by disabling the automatic mode. Lux can be taught to behave in a certain way by creating brightness samples. For example, if you find a particular brightness level, unsuitable at a particular place, you can open the Dashboard and adjust the brightness to a desired level. Going further, you can hold the Link button until the screen shows ‘Linked’. This confirms that a reference sample has been created and the application will refer to the same in the future for setting the brightness level.

There is absolutely no need to create many samples, as the application is intelligent enough to set brightness automatically by referring to the available samples.

Lux app saves battery life

Some Other Advantages of Lux

Some other advantages that can be extracted from Android Lux brightness app include:

  • Efficient brightness Setting Wizard
  • Lux notifications that help the users to debug
  • Sub-zero brightness and powerful Night Mode features
  • External backup for brightness setting values using SD cards

Most importantly, the battery saving benefits leaves more room to do many other things in with your Android enabled device.

The paid version of Lux is available at $2, a price worth paying to avoid ads, banners, and other annoyances. You also get to enjoy additional features. Another highlight is the money-back guarantee if you don’t find the application suitable.