Top 5 iPad Apps for Proud New Owners

Is this your first iPad? An unplugged iPad draws a wonderful contrast to the iPhone. If you are using the iPad for the first time, there are some wonderful apps you can try. Keep reading and take a tour of some cool apps that will make your experience a fantastic one.

Ipad 4 128gb storage capacity
Apple iPad with Retina Display


The iPad is a handy tablet that is perfect for reading online magazines; thanks in part to the relaxed reading experience it provides for the users. Flipboard is a FREE app where you get to create a customized magazine that streams in pictures, content from RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and your favorite blogs. The best thing about Flipboard is it enables you to flip across its neatly organized pages.


This is a paid app that allows you to save news, blogs and articles and lets you enjoy all of them offline. Did you know that this app converts a web page into an incredible reading experience? Instapaper is regarded as one of the best iPhone apps for newbies, but very few can actually read the story on their iPhone. But, with your new iPad, Instapaper gives you back the reading experience you signed up for.

Marvel Comics

Comics are undoubtedly an exhilarating form of literature, but unfortunately the black and white tablets don’t do them justice. However, the iPad is an exception. If you have the iPad 3, this means you also have a Retina screen; this means the display is bursting with colors. In fact, iPads showcase comics in an incredible way.

Dropbox and Quickoffice

The iPad is not only for fun and games; it’s also a great tool for the professional; especially a professional on the go. When it comes time to perform serious tasks, many business professionals and writers use two essential cloud storage apps – Quickoffice and Dropbox. With ‘Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite’ for your iPad, you can access Word documents, PowerPoint slides and Excel sheets stored directly in Dropbox.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

You won’t find too many Photoshop professionals using this app; however, this is a real gift for the photo hobbyists. You can easily rotate, crop, add effects, manipulate colors, apply filters and do various other tasks on the large screen.

What are you downloading first? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. TomasHunter says:

    Thanks for the app ideas, Charles. We recently had a raffle in the DISH call center where I work, and I won a new iPad; I could use a few cool apps to download. Marvel Comics and Adobe Photoshop Express look like great apps. There is one app that I quickly discovered to be my favorite; it’s called DISH Anywhere, and it streams live TV and DVR recordings to my iPad over 3g, 4g or WIFI. I can’t wait for spring because I want to go fishing down at the park AND watch a live baseball game.

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