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Springpad App for Android

Keep Projects Organized with Springpad for Androids

Springpad has been around since 2008 when it was initially launched as a web service. It actually allowed its registered users to save, organize and share information. The good news is its available as a mobile app for Android (Also for iOS). Some call it an information organizer, while others use it as their own personal assistant. Springpad for Android is available for free and can perform a number of tasks to help users organize their notes in a useful manner.

Springpad app for android

Save Information and Assign Tasks through Springpad

Discovered an exciting new recipe? Save it using Springpad. Wish to complete some long-pending things this summer? Create a to-do list using this application. Want to read an interesting article or news story later on? Bookmark it with Springpad. Create notes or assign tasks for anything and everything. Springpad will help you save your notes in an organized manner in the form of notebooks, and assign different notebooks for different categories.

Intelligent Organizing is Possible through Springpad

Springpad automatically assigns categories like restaurants, books, movies, wines, business and others to the notes you create. Even more, it is a smart application that would attach additional information with the notes you save. For example, if you save the name of a book, it will add links containing book reviews and prices. For a recipe you save, the application will add information regarding ingredients and cooking process. Save yourself from information overload with this type of amazing personal assistance.

Share and Collaborate with Help of Springpad

Springpad also allows the Android users to share their saved notes and projects with other members of the Springpad community. You may also invite your friends and family members to register to collaborate on different tasks. For example, ask your contacts to help you plan a vacation by suggesting hotels, restaurants and things to pack. You can also collaborate with your co-employees for successful completion of a project using the application.

Springpad for android

What Else is Achievable through Springpad?

Springpad allows users to customize their skins, layouts and designs of their notebooks. Labels and tags can also be used to differentiate between separate notebooks. Add maps to make location based categories, like restaurants and tourist attractions even more meaningful. Excellent search features and reminders add further value to this application.

Springpad for Android can be synchronized with the web version to maintain up-to-date usage. Having such a wonderful application free of cost is extremely exciting. All you need to do is create an account with the Springpad community and you can get started.