1 in 2 Parents Join Facebook to Spy on their Kids

Fundamentals of facebook

50% of American parents have admitted to this shocking truth: these parents join Facebook in an attempt to keep tabs on their children.

Let me ask you something: do your parents join Facebook? Are you Facebook friends with your parents? Do you actually share your photos, status updates and comments with your parents online via Facebook? Well, then, maybe it’s time for you to start deleting those “indecent” pictures and start thinking twice about what you post – in the results as released by Education Database Online, it is said that one in two parents join Facebook just to be able to consistently check their offspring’s online activities.

Shocked? You should be. Better get started with “updating” your profile, then?

Parents Join Facebook – is this a good thing?

Parents join facebook
Beware of what you post in Facebook – you might get in trouble.

Additionally, these parents were also quick to admit that 43% of them visit their child’s Facebook page daily in order to monitor recently added pictures, currently tagged pictures, latest check-ins and the just posted wall posts. 31% of these parents were not that meticulous – they only checked their child’s Facebook profile four to five times per week. 

In a way, these results do make sense, don’t you think? After all, our parents are so used to checking up on us daily ever since we were babies, so it is quite natural for them to be concerned about our social activities, as shared digitally, too.

What are these parents more concerned about?

The average teenager should do himself a favor by taking note of what parents usually care about during Facebook browsing:

Parents join facebook
Thinking of posting inappropriate thoughts on your timeline? Scratch that thought.

As posted on this infographic, it seems like most parents are concerned about what their kids post as their status updates as compared to what their kid’s friends post or tag them in. It is believed that these parents join Facebook just so they can determine what their child is thinking right now. Translation: most parents believe that kids consider Facebook as their journal so in order to have an insight into their child’s deepest secrets, these parents join Facebook accordingly.

Kids’ Opinion on Parents Joining Facebook

What is more shocking is that only 1 in 3 kids are actually embarrassed by what their parents post on their timeline. Yes, despite all the children giving their parents flak for joining Facebook, the real deal here is that most kids aren’t really that embarrassed with their parent’s online behavior after all.

This is understandable. After all, most parents post the following on their daughters’ Facebook timelines. Honestly, for a girl, being called these following terms are not that big of a deal – after all, our parents are our biggest fans, so these terms are nothing but natural:

  • beautiful
  • all grown
  • baby

While most parents join Facebook to post the following terms on their sons’ Facebook timelines:

  • good luck
  • money
  • game

Just a thought – I wonder why money is often considered as embarrassing by these sons? Are they embarrassed to discuss money with their parents online? I guess so.

Additionally, 30% of Facebook users said that they would be willing to “un-friend” their parents on Facebook, if possible.

Do you agree with them? Or is your parents’ joining Facebook not an issue to you at all?