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Chalk Ball Lite: Android Based Bouncing Game that Can Consume Your Entire Day

The main objective of Chalk Ball Lite is to save a bouncing ball from becoming the victim of gravity! And, all you need to do is draw lines with chalks to prevent the ball from falling down. Welcome to the world of chalks and balls with Chalk Ball Lite, a refreshing and uncomplicated Android game that can actually make you feel light. However, don’t get deceived by the simple looks of the game, as it has some really hair-raising moments.

Chalk Ball Lite: Basic Facts

You can play Chalk Ball Lite if your phone’s Android version is 1.6 or higher. It is around 6.7 MB in size and the latest version released till date is 1.4.

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Hit the Balls and Refill the Chalk

Chalk Ball Lite is all about saving a bouncing ball from falling. As you draw lines with chalk (by swiping on the screen), the ball hits them, bounces back and hits other balls appearing on the screen. In this process, the length of available chalk (You will see the length at top of the phone screen) keeps on reducing. As the bouncing ball hits other balls, you earn points and the chalk is also refilled simultaneously.

Two Exciting Modes

There are two different game modes designed for outstanding fun. One is called ‘Survival’, in which you just have to survive by not allowing the ball to fall for as long as you can. Four different levels, including Easy, Normal and Insane (in the increasing order of difficulty level), can be played in this mode and you can jump at any of these levels at any time, without the need of completing these one by one. You really need to be glued to the screen, and use perfect timing to make your survival possible.

‘Adventures’ is the second mode in which the game presents different patterns or arrangements (These are named as The Easy Way, 2 Leagues under the Sea, Zero-G, Geometry Abduction and Complete Madness). In this mode, you need to hit the golden star while facing different challenges (Only the Easy Way & 2 Leagues under the Sea among these are free, whereas, for the rest, you need to pay a price). While playing in “Adventures” mode, you need to be ready for getting some nasty surprises. Let me give you an example; if you hit some specific balls, the gravity gets increased, and the chalk will suddenly start falling at a faster speed. This makes the game way more difficult.

Chalk ball lite
Chalk Ball Lite

What adds to the Excitement When it comes to Chalk Ball Lite

There are some unique aspects that make the game even more exciting:

You can unlock achievements in the Survival mode. For example, a ‘Safe Ground’ may appear to save your ball once from falling even if your chalk line fails. On the other hand, a special type of ball, if unlocked, can instantly refill your chalk.

Balls in different shapes, designs and colors prevent the game from becoming boring.

Though you need to pay a price for this, if you wish, you can make an in-app purchase, and buy different blackboard themes for giving it a change.

Compete with different players and view your global achievements.

The game does not come with any advertisements, a relief for people like me who hate the banners and logos all over the phone screen while playing the game.

Chalk Ball Lite does not test your knowledge on Physics or your patience either. Rather, it tests your reflexes. If you’re fast enough, you should do fine after the initial trouble (You are bound to face this with any game). The game has more than 300,000 installs and an average rating of 4.2 at Google Play. If these facts are not good enough, start bouncing a few balls now and experience it yourself. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with everyone through and leave a comment.