Top 5 Geeky Kitchenware Items

Decorate your top-of-the-line kitchen with these top 5 geeky kitchenware items. If you really want to impress geeky guys (or geeky girls to!), you’ve gotta check these out!
They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so, the way to a geeky man‘s heart should be the same as well, right?

Wrong! You see, geeky guys don’t operate exactly the same as the average dudes. We here at Geek Insider believe that their preferences are a bit more unique…gee

The best way to a geeky man’s heart is through his stomach, his eyes and most importantly, through his amazing organ called the brain. He’s a geeky guy, of course! What did you expect?

Listen up, geeky gals: browse through these top 5 geeky kitchenware items, purchase every one of them if you must, decorate them all over your kitchen and watch your geeky guy freak out – in a good way, of course! After exposing him to these awesomely geeky kitchenware items, your prospect would be convinced that you’re the girl he’s been waiting for his whole life!

Now that that’s settled, take your pick. Which geeky kitchenware item are deserving of your hard-earned money?

1. Retro Pointer Finger Pixel Mouse Cursor Icon

Top 5 geeky kitchenware items
Retro Pointer Finger Pixel Mouse Cursor Icon Oven Mitt Set 2

When things get too hot in the kitchen, why don’t you handle all of that primitive heat by using this technological object? It looks cool, it feels nice and it also differentiates you from all the other plain girls who use the boring flowery mitts!

Don’t you think that this mitt set is exactly what you need for your geeky next-door neighbor to finally stop eating junk food & take-home meals and finally start eating dinner at your kitchen? Try and show it off as you grill those baby back ribs in your backyard – he would surely notice you.

If not, well, at least you have an awesome mitt set that can protect your dainty little fingers, right? After all, your hands deserve some love as well.

2. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Top 5 geeky
Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Not in the mood to slave in a hot kitchen? Then why not use your fingers to order a hot pizza, and use this smashing pizza cutter instead? This way, you get a break from cooking. All you need do is buy this geeky kitchenware for your geeky kitchen, and geeky guy.

This design of the USS Enterprise is a classic that any geek would recognize. Plus, it’s an officially licensed Star Trek collectible so even if you and your geeky prospect don’t end up together, at least you have this gadget to comfort you!

3. Zombie Cookie Jar Head

Zombie Cookie Jar Head

Hey, who says zombies are only for Halloween? With this Zombie Cookie Jar Head in your kitchen, any day can be considered Valentine’s Day for you and your geeky prospect. Come on.

Think about it: what could be more romantic than a lazy afternoon of chilling in your living room, drinking lemonade and enjoying a batch of freshly made cookies?

Well, we’ve got the answer for you – just get that scenario and add a splash of this zombie cookie jar head as well!

Crack open this zombie cookie jar head and feed each other a piece of molten chocolate chip cookie…or a brain-shaped cookie with suspicious frosting…or a piece of eye-shaped mint with bloody red raspberry on top.

Hey, we might have suggested Twinkies, but you know they’re not available right now, so you have to make do for a while. Use your (human) brain!

4. Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray

Top 5 geeky kitchenware geeks
Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray

When you’re planning to invite your geeky guy over for a night of video gaming or RPGing, make sure to prepare these five essentials: (1) an unlimited supply of beer, (2) a huge mountain of delivered pizza & the corresponding Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter, (3) major gaming consoles, (4) comfortable sofas and (5) awesome-looking ice.

Don’t forget the importance of pi-shaped ice cubes! You know how important the shape of an ice cube is. You know how geeky guys can appreciate the well-defined figure of an ice cube. You know that having a cool-looking ice cube is needed to take your relationship to the next level…

…which is why you probably invested in this Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray in the first place! It communicates the fact that yes, you do know something about mathematics and yes, you can gladly freeze beer in the form of Pi-shaped ice cubes just because you can. 

5. KJB Security Camera Lens Cup

Geeky kitchenware items
KJB Security Camera Lens Cup

If your prospect has a photographer’s spark in him, then you’d be a fool not to purchase this one-of-a-kind camera lens cup! Let’s face it – in today’s modern world where everyone who has a camera-enabled smartphone is technically a photographer, your geeky prospect is sure to find this geeky kitchenware item amusing as well!

Go on, don’t be afraid to get his attention by going to your local cafe and pouring your freshly brewed java into this beauty. More or less, someone is bound to approach you to either mock you for wasting your precious lens or to praise you for buying such a nifty gadget. Therefore, whatever you do, someone will pay attention to you, so come and soak in all the glory you can get.

It also comes with a multipurpose cup lid, which can serve as your cup lid, your coaster or your snack holder – this geeky kitchenware item is the perfect accessory for you to invest your money on!

So, what do you think, geeky chic? Will you be buying these geeky kitchenware items for the improvement of your geeky love life?

Or would you rather save all your money and have no one to be with for the rest of your life?