79% of Total Mobile Malware in 2012 Came from Android

Android: The malware king

It is not important what smartphone OS you’re a fan of, we are pretty sure you don’t like malware, nobody does. Some mobile platforms in the market have less malware problems when compared to others because their ecosystem is much more restricted and closed. On the other hand, Android is an open-source platform, and lets its users install apps from different sources that are available on the web; while other platforms restrict their users to one authorized app store.

Android malware
Sad Android

Recent research has shown that 79% of all malware runs on Android – that makes Android the king of malware. This should be expected when you’re the #1 phone OS in the world (Windows users will understand). When it’s so easy to root your device, flash unofficial ROMs or install apps from untrusted sources, you’re bound to have some malware problems.

According to F-Secure, the security specialists, Android was responsible for 79% of the total malware in 2012. The firm said that Apple’s iOS only accounted for just 0.7% of the total malware. In 2010, android was only responsible for around 11.25% of total malware – that number has significantly increased in a couple of years.

Back then, Symbian was on the top of the list, but things have changed now as Android has become much more profitable and a juicier target. As Android is becoming more and more popular, more malware is targeting the platform. Symbian still accounts for 19% of malware even though it has been left out by Nokia, it’s expected to vanish totally by the end of this year.

Untrusted App Sources: Not a Good Idea

Unfortunately for Android users, trojans are spreading rapidly via the unauthorized and unsecure app stores. Some trojanized apps have also found their way to Google Play, but they’re always kicked out in short order. More than half of the mobile malware has been built in order to make profit. So, most of the android malware is created in order to make its creators some cash – that’s totally true for Android threats.

We all know that the reason behind bucket loads of malware threats on Android is because of its popularity in the mobile market. Well, fortunately for android fans the heavily targeted platform is also the one to offer a large number of defense options. Check out the Google Play store for anti-malware apps.

Android Open Ecosystems: Bad or Good?

Also, make sure that you always use authorised and trusted channels for downloading apps like Google Play and Amazon app store. Refrain from using untrusted sources for app downloads. Most of the apps cost even less than a diet cola, so stop downloading untrusted apps and buy them via Google Play; otherwise don’t comeback crying to us when you get a malware in your device. Use your common sense when downloading apps, and don’t download apps like BBM for Android, Charge your battery, etc

Have you ever been a target of a malware on your phone? Do you think Android platform is unsecure? Let us know.