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How to Fix Push Notifications Lag on Android

 Android Push Notification Lag!

Anyone who spends a lot of time online, on their PC and mobile will tell you that the timing of Facebook, Twitter or any other service’s notification received on a PC; varies from the time it takes the same notification to be pushed onto a mobile device.

These notifications take nearly 3-5 seconds to be pushed onto a mobile device and are rarely in sync with the PC. Although, one XDA member has managed to develop a fix for this issue, even though this won’t guarantee the same timings as your desktop, but it will surely make your push notifications much quicker than before.

One App to fix it all!

The app is called Push Notifications Fixer, and it is created by one senior XDA member known as Qlimax. This will help push your notifications quickly whenever they’re stuck somewhere in the cloud. This happens when your device loses connection to Google’s servers and Android works to re-establish the connection again.

Better than Stock Fix!

Even though Google did try to fix this issue with their heartbeat interval to prevent this from happening in Gtalk, the system that periodically checks the connection to see if it’s down is not set at regular enough intervals to be useful. It works for every 15 minutes over WiFi and 28 minutes over 3G.

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Push Notification Fixer, simply lets you set this interval to whatever you like, you can set it to 1 minute. It will instantly bring back your connection should it ever timeout on you again.

You may have though that the regular connection checks might drain your battery a lot faster, but the app runs at boot and requires root permission. So, it doesn’t keep running, and it doesn’t affect your battery life either.

You can download Push Notification Fixer directly from Google play store.

Do let us know if it fixes the notification lag on your device. Need any help? Shoot us a comment.