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Google Reportedly Working On Its Own Music Streaming Service

Google Music Streaming

When it comes to internet or anything related to tech, we always hear one name that has managed to tap into most of the tech areas, and take them by the scruff of the neck, that’s Google. Google has changed the way we do things online, from the search engine to android, blogger to YouTube, it has managed to roll out unmatched services again and again. Recent reports, suggest that Big G has now set its eyes on online music streaming services a la Spotify, Pandora, etc; and is ready to give these services a run for their money. On the other hand, Apple is also starting their own iTunes Match service, looks like the two giants will again go head to head in the music streaming niche as well.


Is it too late for Google?

According to the reports, Google has already started talks with different music labels to secure the rights for its upcoming music streaming service. The new service will supplement the current service offered by Google that allows users to buy tracks from a large catalogue of music on the Play store.

As of now we don’t have any solid details about Google’s plans for the service, but it seems likely that Google would go with their popular free, ad supported business model to lure new customers, and then offer them premium services for a monthly/annual fee.

Would it be a Hit or a Miss?

Even though Google might find it hard to gain attention with already a couple of big names in the music streaming industry; but with millions of android devices already out there, Google could just bundle the streaming app with its Android OS like it did with Chrome, Gmail, etc. So, companies like Spotify, Pandora, etc should start taking notes and bring something unique to the table before Google turns the tables on them.

We all love our existing streaming services, but we can’t deny the fact that if Google starts their own music streaming service, we’d be happy to switch over from our current services to Big G’s. Looking at Google’s track record, I’m pretty sure it will take the market by a storm, right?

What do you think? Would a Google music streaming service be as popular as its competitors? Let us know.