How to hide cords

How to Conceal Wireless Electronics Around the House

Is there anything worse than a tangled bunch of electric wires? Probably, but if you have a bunch of twisted wires shoved under a table, mashed against the baseboard, or hanging from a home entertainment center, you need help! Solutions await you and some may even surprise you.

1. Wall Mounted Flat Screen TV Wires

Conceal electronic wires

Instead of keeping up with the Joneses and buying an expensive piece of furniture to hold your flat screen TV, you can opt for something as simple as a cord cover. Flat screen TV cord cover kits come in paintable white, but once installed, paint them to match your walls or use a contrasting color to match other accents in the room. Be sure to line up wires and hold them securely with zip ties. Conveniently, many of these hide-the-cord kits come pre-drilled with screws.

2. Computer and Printer Wires & Cables

Conceal electronic wires at home

Tired of literally taking computer and printer cables with you when you get up from your desk? Once these wires are wrapped around your feet or legs, it’s a hassle to reconnect them. Flexible cord management straps allow you to hide wires along the backside of your work station—the artsy part may take some imagination! This DIY project is unique in that it offers a great way to hide cords but also adds some wall fashion to your work area. With the design you choose, not only are your wires and cables covered, you can display your artistic skills!

3. Outdated Intercom Panel


Older homes and apartments often have what was once all the rage—intercom systems. Unfortunately, renters and homeowners find these ugly, especially since most are non-functioning apparatuses taking up wall space. One simple DIY trick is to find lightweight canvas on wood frame paintings. These are deep enough to cover the intercom panel and add to your room’s décor.

Alarm Panel


Home alarm systems keep your family and the contents of your home safe from devious burglars, but alarm panels are pretty mundane in appearance. Alas, a solution for these unappealing wall fixtures – hide them in a shadow box. The carpenter in you may choose to make a hinged box on your own as a great DIY project.

If that’s not your thing, seek out shadow boxes that are at least five inches in depth. Cut out the back to cover the alarm panel, insert the photo of choice in the front frame and bingo—you’re alarm panel is discreetly covered! If you don’t have an alarm system, be sure to check out sites like, especially if you have valuable electronics, comic books or a family to protect.

5. Kitchen Wires with Inconvenient Sockets

Video via YouTube AOLonHome

Some homes have electrical sockets in not so desirable spots in places such as the kitchen. Still, you need to plug in refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and microwaves. AOLonHome offers a great solution to this problem. All you need to solve it is a slim piece of cabinet-type furniture (think pantry storage) where you can attach a power cord to the rear of the cabinet to hide all the wires.

To complete the project, try some simple shelving and photos and not only will your kitchen wires be invisible, you’ve just created an attractive area right in your kitchen.

Be Creative!

It’s not hard to find solutions for hiding home alarm panels, wires, cables, or even electrical sockets. With some imagination and the artist within, your home can be free of all of these in no time!