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Try Press – an Amazing Google Reader Client for Android Devices


News stories and well written blogs are rich information sources. Subscribing to RSS feeds lets people keep in touch with the most preferred and regularly updated blogs. How is it possible to refer to these feeds while traveling or when at work? If you have an Android phone, it is possible with Press, one of the recent Google reader clients. Press, thanks to its own merit, has been successful in garnering attention from all. Press is simple, easy-to-use and free from fancy interface, which makes it even more preferable.

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Press for android

How Does Press Work?

Create a Google Reader account and synchronize your RSS feeds on your Android with the help of Press. Every time you open the application, you will find updated lists of news and blog feeds, recommended on the basis of the labels you create. The application allows marking the articles as read or unread. It is also possible to mark articles for reading later with a star..

Managing Your Feeds through Press

A full circle along with the article title means the article is yet to be read. An open circle denotes read articles. There is an option to share your favorite articles or posts. You can open a post with a single tap in the application itself or in the default browser of your device.

Smooth Navigation Offered by Press

Swipe navigation supported by the application makes it easy to move from one story to another. Tap open a story and slide back to get back to the article list. Volume buttons (Volume Up and Volume Down) will help you navigate between two consecutive stories. Press properly displays the inline pictures & links and you can also zoom any image in a post for close viewing.

Press on android

Other Salient Features of Press

Press allows changing the style and size of the font in which you wish to read the posts. Lora, Open Sans, Roboto and PT Serif are among the various fonts that the app supports. Background synching is another noteworthy feature. You may also set the text alignment of a post to Left, Right or Justify. You can decide on the number of articles that you want to sync your device with as well.

The simple yet effective interface of Press makes reading enjoyable. The application is available without any ads, which further works in its favor. If an uncomplicated Google Reader client is what you are looking for, Press can be the most viable choice for you.