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Wind up Knight: Slash Your Way to the Top

Wind up Knight

Wish to play the brave knight in the classic tale of love and valor? Install Wind up Knight on your Android device and set out on a mission to save the beautiful princess from the devil. The amazing 3D action adventure game is full of challenges at every step of the way. High-level involvement in the game is important and you can’t let go even for a moment while helping the Knight to deal with the obstacles.

First Impressions: Wind up Knight

I love games that are colorful and have simple graphics. Wind up Knight, a product of Robot Invader, scores in both areas. The simple touch based controls really made things easier. One great thing is the Knight is always moving, and you need to be concerned only with swinging a sword, jumping, ducking or other similar motions. By the way, the game is only supported in phones with android version 2.2 or above.

On-screen Buttons for Continuous Action

The Knight keeps on running without rest, and the on-screen buttons help the player to make the Knight jump, dive, roll, duck, slide the wall, swing the sword and perform other actions or motions. It might take some time and practice to get used to these buttons. Once you get completely involved in the game, you will automatically start using the right button at the right time. Well, personally, I was instinctively putting my finger at the right places.

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Levels and Obstacles of Wind up Knight

More than 50 levels of the game are distributed in 4 different worlds. Different sets of levels are known as books. While the first book is available for free, you need to unlock the subsequent books with coins collected in the previous levels or by using real money. Some of the interesting obstacles on your way include bridges, chickens, spikes, falling drums, soldiers and more.

Wind up knight
Wind up Knight

Customize Your Knight

Wind up Knight lets you choose the look for your character. You can dress up the Knight in different armors and equip him with various weapons. These get unlocked as you progress through the game. The coins earned in each level can also be used to purchase or upgrade the equipment.

Power up the game with these and keep your warrior moving. Unveil the hidden medallions and cards in each level (You get to see all of the locked ones at one go, right at the beginning); this will certainly make the game more enjoyable and fun to play.

Attractive Interface

It is one of those games that can be praised not only for their plots and concepts, but also for the interface they use. Wind up Knight has superlative 3D graphics that takes it to a new level. To complement the attractive graphics, the game has an interesting soundtrack that justifies the game’s action-packed theme perfectly.

How do You Earn Coins in Wind up Knight?

Well, while you play it, you can collect coins. However, there are times, where the total number of coins may not be good enough for an upgrade (Some of the upgrades are necessary to progress, while some make Wind up Knight easier to play); if you play each of the levels once. A good idea is to replay the same levels again and again, this way, you will add up a good stock of coins. You can also share a link to the game with your friends in different social networking sites; this will earn you extra coins. If none of the two options work for you, make a payment for acquiring coins.

Download at Google Play

You can enjoy console-level excitement with Wind up Knight. Improve your timing to get control of the game, and find yourself playing it for hours. If you have already started playing it, please share what you think with me and other readers through the comments. I liked the game, and it will be fun to read whether others like it as well.