Awesome con 2017: three days of seemingly endless fun

AWESOME CON 2017: Three Days of Seemingly Endless Fun

Awesome Con has become the biggest Con in the Washington D.C. Baltimore area. While the Baltimore Comic Con is comparable in size, nothing compares to the three days of comics, animation, cosplay, panels, and overall fun that Awesome Con delivers. Patrons this year had the chance to meet and greet guests and artists such as…

Awesome con returns to d. C. This friday!

AWESOME CON returns to D.C. this Friday!

Awesome Con, the mid-Atlantic’s largest and most popular comic book convention kicks off Friday June 16th and concludes Sunday June 18th. Awesome Con is a nationally known comic convention, each year bringing a long list of celebrity guests, artists, and more. The three-day comic and anime extravaganza features comics of all sorts, animated shows, science-fiction,…

Cool car gadgets for your daily commute

Cool Car Gadgets for your Daily Commute

As the internet of things has grown and smarthome gadgets have become more commonplace, so have car gadgets and accessories. Most people spend a large part of the day in their cars commuting to and from work as well as on shopping and other errands. Gadget makers have started to focus on products that make…

All the details on apple’s secret ‘project titan’

All the Details on Apple’s Secret ‘Project Titan’

In the last year or two, there have been rumors about Apple developing the #Apple Car.” The computer giant has stated that it hopes to have the vehicle produced by 2020 and available to the general public by 2021. However, Apple may have scrapped its electric vehicle plans as project leader Steve Zadesky has left…

Sponsored: siemens’ sirius act – high performance push buttons & signaling devices

Sponsored: Siemens’ Sirius Act – High Performance Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

Large and powerful machines must always be given extra attention and need to be supported by equally strong and durable devices. As disruptions and disturbances occur, timing, simplicity and reliability are key. In critical moments as well as in ordinary day-to-day operations, powerful industry machines require dependability and optimum performance of the very best push…

Gain total network security with hp’s managed print services

Gain Total Network Security with HP’s Managed Print Services

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP MPS. All opinions are 100% mine. Cyber attacks have been a threat as long as computers have been commonplace, and most businesses and people have made it a priority to protect their desktops and notebooks from malicious third parties. But nowadays more than just your…

U by moen: smart shower technology on a whole new level

U by Moen: Smart Shower Technology on a Whole New Level

The catalogue of smart home technology has yet again grown larger. The U by Moen has made it possible to have precise temperature control of your shower, turn your shower on with your smartphone, and create your own profile with a timer and greeting. The wi-fi connected U by Moen is not the first of…

Ups considers using drones in the future

UPS Considers Using Drones in the Future

Last month UPS tested drones for package delivery in rural areas and may eventually implement their use. Other companies such as Amazon have already began exploring the possibility of using drones for deliveries in poorer countries and rural areas. The parcel service began testing by launching an “octocopter” from the top of its delivery vans…

The scoop on ‘smurfs: the lost village’

The Scoop on ‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’

The newest Smurf movie production is a fully animated feature delivered by the director of Shrek 2, Kelly Asbury. Demi Lovato is set to play Smurfette, Rainn Wilson will play Gargamel, and Mandy Patinkin will play the role of Papa Smurf in the film that has been titled Smurfs: The Lost Village. Hefty Smurf, Clumsy…

Airtv combines streaming and local channels so you can ditch cable

AirTV Combines Streaming and Local Channels So You Can Ditch Cable

Dish Network has unveiled their new cord-cutting device, the AirTV player. It’s an Android TV box on which you can watch local channels, Sling TV (also by Dish), and Netflix all from one device. The set-top box is touted as a single platform for on demand streaming entertainment and internet TV much like Amazon Fire…

Make holograms at home with a litiholo hologram kit

Make Holograms at Home with a Litiholo Hologram Kit

At one time, holograms were a new thing but now they have mostly become old news. Back in the 70’s and 80’s before special effects evolved to their current level of sophistication, holograms were used in films like Star Wars and Jaws. Their usefulness has waned, but they also were not really available to the general…

Hb studios takes it up a notch with ‘the golf club 2’

HB Studios Takes It up a Notch With ‘The Golf Club 2’

Gamers and golf fans who enjoy video games may have become familiar with the wildly popular 2014 game The Golf Club. It’s packed with features that include the ability to design custom courses and recreate famous real world courses. Now the game’s developers are set to release the second, new and improved version of the game….

If you like your anime cons laid-back, animore is for you

If You Like Your Anime Cons Laid-Back, Animore Is for You

Baltimore’s annual Animore convention went down over the weekend with all the usual comic and animation fun but with a Japanese twist. The convention is smaller in comparison to Baltimore’s Comic Con, Washington D.C.’s Awesome Con, and other more well-known cons of various cities and areas. But if you’re in the mood for a smaller…

Baltimore’s animore anime con goes down this weekend

Baltimore’s AniMore Anime Con Goes Down This Weekend

AniMore, the annual three-day Japanese anime con held yearly at the downtown Baltimore Hyatt Regency, goes down this Friday, January 13 through Sunday, January 15. The three-day event showcases anime, cosplay, gaming, music, Japanese culture and more. The convention promises to be a fun-filled weekend for all. In addition to the typical stuff you’d see at…

Go places with movpak: the travel bag you can ride

Go Places with Movpak: The Travel Bag You Can Ride

You may have already heard about the Cowa Robot Suitcase – the one that follows you around like a little dog as you trek through the airport terminal, but now the robot suitcase has a rival in the Movpak travel bag. The Movpak is a one of a kind travel bag that you can ride….