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Sponsored: Siemens’ Sirius Act – High Performance Push Buttons & Signaling Devices


Large and powerful machines must always be given extra attention and need to be supported by equally strong and durable devices. As disruptions and disturbances occur, timing, simplicity and reliability are key. In critical moments as well as in ordinary day-to-day operations, powerful industry machines require dependability and optimum performance of the very best push buttons and signaling devices. Siemens has brought forth a new and innovative line of push buttons and signaling devices, called Sirius Act, which are capable of supporting the most powerful industry machines of virtually any type. Sirius Act offers intelligently designed indicator lights, switches and push buttons that blend reliability and toughness with simplicity and stylish modern designs. These easy to use and to install devices are efficient and capable of providing confidence and dependability in every operational situation of industry machines.

Modern Style and Simplicity 


The Sirius Act push buttons and signaling devices are designed with plastic, round metal, and flat elements that provide the perfect solution for every application. Siemens new line is visually appealing and suitable to any taste and budget and capable of giving your system a design overhaul. No matter the need and preference, Sirius Act’s four design lines provide a range of options in combining indicators and actuators, front ring design, LED lighting, color, and material. Meanwhile, installation is a snap, literally. The snap-on concept of the push buttons is so innovatively designed that you can install units with just one hand. The simplicity of the snap-on design also makes incorrect installation virtually impossible.

Communication Made Easy


Sirius Act also provides a number of flexible communication interfacing options which allow for the combination of push buttons and signaling devices, industrial PC’s and HMI touch screens to be far less complicated and easy to operate. More complex input stations can thus be setup more easily in a time efficient manner without the use of extensive wiring and with less effort while operations remain simple and effective. The devices are integrated into a single TIA Portal and can be displayed visually. Enhanced hardware configuration results from the ability to better harmonization of the hardware by the communication interfacing options. With Sirius Act, you can have uniform data management at your fingertips. Fast fault diagnostics will help alleviate downtime while intuitive hardware configuration is certain to provide time savings as well. Siemens Sirius Act allows for flexibility as well as adaptability of system designs so your machines and system can reach maximum functionality and efficiency.

Push Button and signal device configuration is often a painstaking process. Fortunately a new intuitive generator originated by Siemens for the latest Sirius Act devices enables you to individually arrange your devices in three easy steps. Your devices can be setup online, the intuitive generator is equipped with an imaged components-selection, reorder options, comfortable reporting, and drag and drop functions that make configuration and navigation of functions easier than ever before.


The Sirius Act line of push buttons and signaling devices are revolutionary new products by Siemens, who have been supplying industry solutions for over 165 years in more than 200 countries worldwide. These units are technologically innovative while also embodying a simple, stylish, and intelligent design that are the most efficient and user-friendly. Get the simplicity you desire and the functionality you need with Sirius Act Push Buttons and Signaling Devices from the leading number one source, Siemens.

This post is sponsored by Siemens but all thoughts are my own.


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