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Hp mps "the wolf" Cyber attacks have been a threat as long as computers have been commonplace, and most businesses and people have made it a priority to protect their desktops and notebooks from malicious third parties. But nowadays more than just your computers need to be safeguarded. A recent study found that cyber attacks have increased by 232% in recent years. This alarming trend means that individuals and businesses must take every precaution in protecting their computers and IT infrastructures. The increase in cyber attacks can be attributed to the fact that only 2% of business printers in the world are fully safe and secure. Hackers have started to gain access to sensitive data within print systems and they are able to hack into computers and networks via printers that are not properly safeguarded. Just one unsecure printer can cost a company an enormous amount of money and make an entire company’s network vulnerable to cyber attackers. The good news is that computer industry leader HP provides a way to prevent such attacks from occurring while also increasing the efficiency of a company’s print environment. HP Secure Managed Print Services is the leader in print security and can help your business fully protect its infrastructure against the three major threats that could jeopardize your data and systems.

Security Breaches Often Occur Via Your Printer

Device security is one of the three major threats that leave companies vulnerable. HP’s MPS helps secure your network with printers capable of detecting threats as well as protecting against threats in real-time. Printers and print networks contain sensitive information and, if not fully secured, can be a gateway to the source(s) of such data -your company’s computers. Most people and companies have protected their computers and information with firewall, but did you know that an unsecure printer is a means by which hackers can get around your firewall protection and access unencrypted data stored on your computer and network? Also, in the process, every document that your printer prints can be viewed by someone outside of the network, meaning that an unsecure printer is essentially an unlocked door by which malicious third parties can access private and classified information.

HP is Closing the Gap in Printer Security

The second of the three major threats is Data Security. HP’s MPS helps encrypt your data and restrict printer access by unauthorized users so that all data and information is kept confidential both inside and outside of the network. The third major threat of print security breaches are from the interception of a device’s print jobs. HP’s MPS provides document security so unclaimed print jobs are susceptible to theft and can fall into the wrong hands thus compromising the confidentiality of sensitive data. If your printers are not secure, hackers can gain access to your information via network ports, memory and MFP/print hard drives, and the use of secure media and documents left in paper trays. HP’s Managed Print Services helps to close these types of gaps within a network’s security system. Things such as user authentication, print job encryption and pull printing help in enabling accountability as well as traceability in the prevention of security breaches within networks. Your company’s computers may be under lock and key, however unsecure printers and print networks can serve as an entry point into databases and a businesses’ network via unsecured network ports. Whenever an unencrypted print job is transmitted, your company’s most sensitive information is at risk. The IDC white paper has identified these and other issues related to print security as well what companies must do to close the gap in information and network security.

Watch “The Wolf” and See the Value of Print Security 

The IDC white paper contains valuable information and is something that every company should read and be aware of, you can access the IDC Spotlight article and print it for free on HP’s website. While you are there, you also should Watch The Wolf HP Video Series, which goes into detail about what happens when print security gets overlooked. Both the IDC white paper and video reveal just how important securing your print environment is and why HP’s MPS is number one in protecting businesses. Not only will HP’s MPS help in boosting printer and network security, but MPS by HP will also make your workflow and printing environment more efficient with the most innovative and comprehensive software solutions, hardware, and services. HP uses an industry specific focus to tailor to the individual needs of businesses while also cutting costs and increasing efficiency and productivity. If you don’t protect your company’s print environment, your company’s network and infrastructure is likely to be damaged and the cost of repairs are a setback that could have been avoided. Stay a step ahead of cyber attackers and let your business reap the benefits of the most efficient, secure, and reliable print environment provided by HP’s industry leading MPS solutions.  

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