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Cool Car Gadgets for your Daily Commute

As the internet of things has grown and smarthome gadgets have become more commonplace, so have car gadgets and accessories. Most people spend a large part of the day in their cars commuting to and from work as well as on shopping and other errands. Gadget makers have started to focus on products that make driving a little less boring and a lot more convenient. Below are a few of the many new car accessories and gadgets certain to draw the interest of drivers everywhere.

Auto Exec Wheelmate Steering Wheel Tray

Auto exec steering wheel tray car gadget

Auto Exec’s Wheelmate Steering Wheel Tray provides drivers with a work surface mounted to a car’s steering wheel. Reading, writing, and texting is a less than recommended thing to do while operating a car, but if you are stuck in traffic or otherwise waiting in your car often, this work surface tray can help you make the most of your time behind the wheel. The tray is made from powder coated wood and is smooth and lightweight. The Wheelmate Tray can be mounted in seconds and packed away in between the seats for easy storage and access. It’s designed for mobile workers and to support tablets and provide a place to write within an automobile.

MindMobile Phone Reminder, Car Locator, and Charger


How often have you accidentally left your phone in the car or forgot where you parked? MindMobile sends out a reminder ring tone when you forget your phone and helps to locate your car with your smartphone when you can’t remember where you have parked. The device is also a charger that has a USB port and uses very little energy via Bluetooth.

TFY iPad Headrest Mount Holder

Ipad car mount, car gadgets

Passengers are certain to love this iPad Headrest Mount Holder, especially kids. It’s placed on the back of the car’s front seat headrest and is easy to use, simple, and universal. The holder has an adjustable strap that can be mounted securely in just a few seconds to the headrest of virtually any car. The holder allows for easy and full access to iPad controls and ports and is lined with soft material that protects the iPad from being damaged. It also is very durable and made of stain resistant synthetic leather. With this mount holder your passengers can browse the internet and watch movies while the driver focuses on driving.

Brightech Scorpion Portable Car Jump Starter

Brighttech scorpion jump start

This Portable Car Jump Starter makes jump starting your car easier while cutting down on the clutter. With it you can jump-start your car ten times whenever you leave your lights on or your battery conks out. It can also charge your phone and be used as a SOS strobe and LED torch whenever your car has broken down or stalled on the road. The battery is a long-lasting 10000mAh and very portable. Those who go on longer drives and road trips should have one.

These are just a few of the newest and coolest car gadgets and accessories, other newer items on the market include a vast array of car USB chargers, cellphone holders, waterproof seat covers, and dash cams. Whatever your needs may be, new car gadgets can make your daily commute and driving easier, more convenient, and much more pleasant.

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