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Beats audio buys back stake from htc

Beats Audio Buys Back Stake From HTC

Confirming a month old rumor, audio equipment company Beats Audio has indeed decided to buy back HTC’s stake in the company. HTC is selling the stake for $265 million, and will be receiving an additional amount as part of the deal. 25% stake bought back for $265 million HTC initially purchased a 51% stake in…

Apple may have to discontinue its lightning charger

Apple May Have to Discontinue its Lightning Charger

In a move that could prove to be a huge setback for Apple Inc., A European Union Parliament Committee has voted to standardize all mobile power connectors across the region. This means every phone manufacturer will have to provide the same type of charger for its device. A Common Charger Across the EU Currently, almost…

Ipad 5 rumors roundup

iPad 5 Rumors Roundup

Now that the iPhones are finally out, focus is slowly shifting back to the other big item in Apple’s inventory – the iPad. Expected to be unveiled at an Apple event sometime next month, the iPad, like the iPhone, has been leaking all over the place. Geek rounds up all the rumors and leaks for…

10 hidden features in ios 7

10 Hidden Features in iOS 7

Everyone using iOS 7 (or everyone not using it either) knows all about the OS. The introduction of features like the Control Center, the new flat interface, or AirDrop are all well-known among all of us now. But there’s a lot more to iOS 7. Read on to find some rather handy useful features from…

Ios 7 causing nausea and headache for many

iOS 7 Causing Nausea and Headache For Many

Sure, iOS 7 may be great. It’s running on over 200 million iDevices, and people seem to love it. But of late, a rather unexpected issue seems to have emerged. Apple’s latest OS is causing severe nausea and headache among a good number of people. Eye Candy vs Vertigo iOS 7 brings with itself some…

Samsung may launch ultra-premium ‘f-series’ phones

Samsung May Launch Ultra-Premium ‘F-Series’ Phones

Fresh reports have emerged suggesting Samsung may be working on a new range of high-end smartphones. The phones will be sold under the ‘F-series’ brand and will reportedly sit above the Galaxy S series in terms of the price bracket. The New Flagship ETNews is reporting that Samsung is working on some premium devices that…

Iphone inspiration: galaxy s4 now in gold

iPhone Inspiration: Galaxy S4 Now in Gold

This may not come as a surprise. Samsung is going the Apple way (again?). After the Cupertino giant launched its premium iPhone 5S in Gold color on September 10, Samsung has rolled out its flagship Galaxy S4 in a Gold Edition. Golden Inspiration for the Galaxy S4 The Gold Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 is available…

Nokia launching 6 new devices on oct 22

Nokia launching 6 New Devices on Oct 22

Nokia will be unveiling half a dozen new devices at an event to be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates next month. Nokia announced the event – Innovation Reinvented – in a tweet last week.   Nokia Expected To Launch 6 New Devices Nokia has not gone on record to mention that it will…

Canadian company buying out blackberry for $4. 7 billion

Canadian Company Buying Out BlackBerry for $4.7 Billion

Another one bites the dust. After Nokia sold off its Devices & Services division to Microsoft in a $7.2 billion deal earlier this month, it is now BlackBerry’s turn to turn itself over. The Canada-based smartphone maker is about to be acquired by its largest shareholder, the company revealed last Monday. $4.7 Billion Valuation BlackBerry…

New Record: 9 Million iPhones Sold in First Week

Like with every other previous iPhone, Apple has set another record with sales this year. The company has announced that it sold 9 million units of the iPhone 5S and 5C combined in just a week. Another Record For iPhone The 9 million figure is almost double of the previous year’s 5 million sales of…

No bbm for android and ios this week

No BBM for Android and iOS This Week

BlackBerry’s much hyped BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) roll out for Android & iOS ended in an anti-climax recently, with the smartphone maker delaying the launch of the Android version. The iOS version suffered too, having being taken off the iOS App Store. Now, the company says BBM won’t be out for the platforms until next week….

The first 24 hours with ios 7

The First 24 Hours with iOS 7

iOS 7 is finally here. Called ‘the biggest overhaul of iOS since the launch of the iPhone’, iOS 7 has been made available for the iPhone 4 and better, iPad 2 and iPad 2 mini and better, and the 5th generation iPod touch. iOS 7: The First 24 Hours iOS 7 is the first version…

Blackberry launches 5 inch z30

BlackBerry Launches 5 inch Z30

BlackBerry has announced it’s biggest phone yet. Called the Z30, the company is describing it as its “fastest and most advanced” phone yet. Blackberry Z30 The BlackBerry Z30 will replace the Z10 as the company’s flagship phone. It is the 4th in the new generation of BlackBerry devices, after the Z10, the Q10, and the…

Bbm coming to android and ios on september 19

BBM Coming to Android and iOS on September 19

BlackBerry has sent out invitations for an event to be held on Wednesday, September 18, and buzz is that the company will be unveiling its popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android. In a statement on Wednesday, the company confirmed that the Android and iOS versions for BBM would launch this Saturday and Sunday…

Nexus 5 abandoned in a bar, leaked

Nexus 5 Abandoned In a Bar, Leaked

A Google employee walks in to a bar. What next? He leaves his yet-to-be-released Nexus 5 right there! Videos have emerged of a Nexus 5 that was reportedly forgotten there by a Google employee. Bars and smartphones seem to have an inseparable relationship. Many bars have been involved in high profile leaks of upcoming smartphones….