Google launches ‘project shield’ against ddos attacks

Google Launches ‘Project Shield’ Against DDoS Attacks

To protect important websites from the threat of DDoS attacks, Google recently launched a new initiative. Called Project Shield, the service aims to assist news, human rights, or election-content websites from a Distributed Denial of Service attack. A DDoS attack is one of the most common methods of attack, and is used frequently by hacker…

Nokia world 2013: news roundup

Nokia World 2013: News Roundup

Nokia had some major announcements to make at the Nokia World event held in Abu Dhabi recently. Apart from a number of big-screen devices, there was also news on Instagram for Windows Phones. Let’s have a quick recap: Nokia World 2013 The Lumia Tablet Nokia’s long rumored Lumia tablet finally became official in Abu Dhabi….

5 things you didn’t know about microsoft

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft

Bill Gate’s baby, Microsoft, is a 38 year old giant today. Founded in 1975 to sell BASIC for the Altair 8800 computer, the company has seen it all. Windows dominated its industry, and still does, but the company has lost out to competition in almost all other markets: Mobile OSes, Search, Mail; Microsoft has had…

5 things you didn’t know about the matrix trilogy

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Matrix Trilogy

15 years after The Matrix was released, the movie still boasts a cult following. While the first movie contained an epic sci-fi storyline, the next two in the series redefined the action genre. The insane amount of special effects in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions had the Wachowski brothers fearing the films would never…

Windows phone update 3 is finally official

Windows Phone Update 3 is Finally Official

Windows Phone’s long-awaited update is now finally official. Previously called General Distribution Release 3, it has been renamed to ‘Update 3’, and should start rolling out to users in a few weeks. Support for HD displays, Quad-core Processors, and More With Windows Phone 8 Update 3, there’s finally support for bigger devices on the platform….

Lg’s curved smartphone – flex, leaks online

LG’s Curved Smartphone – Flex, Leaks Online

Samsung isn’t the only one coming up with a curved smartphone. Close on the heels of the Galaxy Round, LG’s curved product – the LG Flex – is launching next month. Luckily for us, rendered images have leaked already. LG Flex Engadget has obtained images showcasing the 6inch OLED panel LG’s subsidiary – LG display,…

Galaxy s5 may launch in jan 2014

Galaxy S5 May Launch in Jan 2014

Samsung may launch its next flagship – the Galaxy S5, quicker than expected. Reports citing sources from within Samsung are stating that the successor to the Galaxy S4 may hit markets as early as January 2014. Samsung Disappointed by S4 Sales According to a report by a Korean publication, the decision to prepone the Galaxy…

Dns attack takes out google

DNS Attack Takes Out Google

Google’s Malaysian site – – has fallen victim to a DNS attack by a hacker group calling itself ‘Team MadLEETS’. The site went offline for several hours on Thursday, defaced by the hackers who had posted their own messages on the page. The site is now back online. No Political Origin The bottom of…

Microsoft pays $100,000 bounty for security exploit discovery

Microsoft pays $100,000 Bounty for Security Exploit Discovery

Microsoft has doled out a $100,000 bounty for pointing out security exploits and flaws in its Windows 8.1 operating system. The cash is going to James Forshaw, head of vulnerability research at Context Information Security in UK. James Forshaw Receives $100,000 Forshaw identified a new ‘exploitation technique’ in a preview version of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows…

Sms and mms integration in upcoming hangouts update

SMS and MMS Integration in Upcoming Hangouts Update

Google’s popular IM application – Hangouts – will soon integrate SMS and MMS onto itself in an upcoming release. Leaked Images Suggest SMS integration Leaked images, courtesy Android Police, show configuration settings in Hangouts version 1.3, allowing users to toggle SMS/MMS integration on and off. On receiving text messages, users will see a ‘via SMS’…

How to run android on your pc

How to Run Android on Your PC

You can boot into Windows, or you can boot into Linux. Or, you can boot into Android too! While running Android apps on your computer is easy – you need emuators like BlueStacks, running Android itself on your PC is a different case. Using some virtualization tools, you could be rocking a legal version of…

Jellybean now on almost 50% of android devices

Jellybean Now on Almost 50% of Android Devices

As we get closer to Android 4.4 KitKat’s release, fresh data from Google indicates that the problem of fragmentation on Android may be reducing in magnitude. Jellybean is apparently running on almost half of all Android devices right now. Jellybean Dominating According to Google, which maintains statistics and data of all Android devices that connect…

Pakistan bans whatsapp, viber, and more

Pakistan Bans WhatsApp, Viber, and More

Following in Saudi Arabia’s footsteps, Pakistan has gone ahead and blocked access to multiple IM clients – WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, and Skype in its Sindh province. However, the government is claiming the reasons are different. 3 Month Ban Causes Outrage Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah executed the decision to block the IM clients at…

Google launches ‘web designer’ tool

Google Launches ‘Web Designer’ Tool

Google has launched a new product which aims to make it easier to create ads and HTML5 based websites. Called Web Designer, it has been currently launched as a beta release. “A Professional-Quality Design Tool” Web Designer allows users to produce advertisements for both the mobile and desktop platform from just one place. Available for…

Samsung caught faking benchmark scores on note 3

Samsung Caught Faking Benchmark Scores on Note 3

Samsung has been caught in the act again. Adding to its list of incidents involving bad publicity, the Korean Android giant has been found to be boosting benchmark scores on its Galaxy Note 3 to gain an edge over rival phones. Fishy Behavior The folks at Ars Techina made some unlikely and unusual observations while…