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Samsung May Launch Ultra-Premium ‘F-Series’ Phones

Fresh reports have emerged suggesting Samsung may be working on a new range of high-end smartphones. The phones will be sold under the ‘F-series’ brand and will reportedly sit above the Galaxy S series in terms of the price bracket.


The New Flagship

ETNews is reporting that Samsung is working on some premium devices that will replace the Galaxy S series phones as the company’s flagships. The Galaxy S series has been serving the company’s flagships year after year so far, the latest phone from the series being the Galaxy S4.

There are many different possible scenarios on what could happen to the S-series phones after the introduction of the F-series. One, The S-series could remain untouched at its current positioning in the current market, while the F-series could launch at even higher price.

Two, The S-series could receive a price cut, while the F-series may occupy the price bracket previously held by the S-series phones. Or three, the S-series may be done away with completely, instead being entirely replaced with F-series. The third outcome, however, is unlikely. All of the S-series phones have been bestsellers for Samsung every year. Samsung probably won’t treat those phones that way.

Full-Metal Body, Flexible Display

According to the report, the F series smartphones will have Samsung bringing to the table what it has lacked for so many years now – all-metal bodies. Additionally, Samsung may combine many of its other concept technologies in the development of these devices. The F-series smartphones are expected to have a screen size ranging from 4.4 to 5.5 inches, housing a flexible display – which Samsung demoed at CES 2013.

In all likelihood, the phones will be powered by the company’s in-house Exynos octa-core processors, and should feature a solid camera capable of 16 megapixel images with OIS. Android 4.4 KitKat is expected to launch with the Nexus 5 next month. So it would be a safe to assume the F-series phone would ship with Android 4.4 on board when the first of the devices releases in 2014.

Samsung seems to be following in Apple’s footsteps with this strategy for 2 premium phones. Apple this year launched the iPhone 5S and a lower-priced 5C. While it was the cheaper iPhone 5C that was the new entrant in Apple’s portfolio this year, it may be the opposite for Samsung with the introduction of a more expensive phone.

Separate rumors have also surfaced claiming Samsung may be building a full metal Galaxy S5 for next year. So far, they remain just rumors.