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The Neverending Story Movie is a Go!

Guess what? The Neverending Story movie is back on the adventure map, and it’s not just a rumor! After a pretty wild scramble between studios to snag the rights, it looks like we’re getting a fresh take on that epic tale we all know and love. This time around, the classic Wolf-Dieter von Gronau book is getting the live-action treatment, split into a series of movies. The creative brains behind this are the folks at See-Saw Films (yep, the ones who brought us Heartstopper) and Michael Ende Productions (the original magicians behind The Neverending Story movie). It’s like a dream combo for a reboot, right?

On the production side of things, we’ve got Ian Canning and Emile Sherman from See-Saw Films leading the charge, with Roman Hocke and Ralph Gazzman tagging in from Michael Ende Productions. And to sprinkle a little extra magic on top, Lorenzo De Maio, Simon Gillis, and Helen Gregory are hopping on as the executive producers. It’s like the Avengers of film production coming together for this.

Everyone involved is totally amped to kick off production on the Neverending Story movie. They’ve been quoted saying, “The Neverending Story is a beloved book that has captured the imagination of generations of fans all over the world. Bringing literary worlds to the screen is part of See-Saw’s DNA, and we are passionate about cinematic storytelling and entertaining audiences. We have such love for the book and are honored to be working with Michael Ende Productions on this collaboration to bring audiences back to Fantastica.”

The neverending story movie

The Neverending Story Movie Breakdown

If you’ve never seen the 1994 adaptation nor read the book, you’re in for a treat that’ll leave no doubt as to why this is such a beloved film and novel.

In The Neverending Story movie, we’re introduced to Bastian Balthazar Bux, a 10-year-old kid gearing up for what feels like just another school day. But first, he’s caught up in a pretty tense chat with his dad over breakfast. They touch on a dream Bastian had about his mom, who’s hinted to have passed away after falling ill. It’s a sore subject, especially since his dad’s still grappling with the loss. Things get even more prickly when his dad brings up a note from Bastian’s teacher—apparently, Bastian’s been sketching unicorns (not horses, as his dad mistakenly calls them) in his math book instead of focusing on the numbers. And when his dad mentions Bastian skipping out on swim team tryouts for horseback riding lessons he never took, it just highlights how much Bastian’s still trying to find his place, dreaming of adventures rather than facing real-life challenges. With a sigh, his dad heads off to work, leaving Bastian with a reminder to stay grounded and focus up in school—a piece of advice that’s easier said than done for a young mind full of imagination.

On his way to school, Bastian bumps into a trio of school bullies—Chris Eastman, Darryl Cooksey, and Nicholas Gilbert—who corner him, demanding his lunch money. With his pockets empty, Bastian’s next stop is an unceremonious toss into a trash bin. He scrambles out but doesn’t get far before the bullies are on his heels again. In a desperate bid to shake them off, Bastian ducks into what looks like an ancient bookstore, escaping their notice. Inside, the bookstore’s owner, Mr. Carl Conrad Coreander (portrayed by Thomas Hill), initially mistakes Bastian for just another kid lost in the shallow world of video games and comic strips. However, Bastian impresses him by listing off classics he’s devoured, like Treasure Island and The Lord of the Rings. Intrigued, Coreander engages in a chat, learning about the bullies. Asked why he doesn’t stand his ground, Bastian can only offer a helpless shrug. Soon, Bastian’s eyes catch a peculiar book Coreander had been engrossed in. Coreander warns him it’s no ordinary read—it’s a book that could pull him in deep, making him part of its unfolding adventure, a book without the comfort of a guaranteed escape back to reality. Despite Coreander’s clear indication that the book isn’t meant for him, leaving it momentarily unattended is enough for Bastian’s curiosity to take over. He swipes The Neverending Story, leaving behind a note promising to return it, and stealthily exits, book in hand.

Bastian rocks up to school much later than planned and, wouldn’t you know it, he walks right into a classroom in full test mode. Talk about timing, right? Not keen on joining the silent symphony of pencils scratching paper, he sneaks off to the one place he knows he’ll find some peace – the school’s attic. It’s dusty, forgotten, and absolutely perfect for what he needs. Finding a cozy corner amid the clutter, Bastian plops down, cracks open The Neverending Story, and dives headfirst into the adventure waiting inside those pages. It’s just him, the book, and a whole new world unfolding with every turn of the page.

There’s a lot to unpack as far as what story the book contains and we’ll refrain from revealing anything more but suffice it to say, the new The Neverending Story movie is almost assured to be hit among old fans and new.

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