November movie preview: the overflowing cornucopia of hollywood

November Movie Preview: The Overflowing Cornucopia of Hollywood

It’s difficult to predict how movie theaters are going to pick and choose which of the massive list of November movies they are going to put on their screens. In addition to the carry-over from October, there are 16 wide release movies coming out this month. Not to mention the limited and special event titles…

‘pet sematary’ comes back, but it’s not the same in latest trailer

‘Pet Sematary’ Comes Back, But It’s Not the Same in Latest Trailer

I have watched the newest Pet Sematary trailer three times in the past two hours. I don’t know if that is a healthy number of times to watch a trailer, but I choose not to delve too deeply into the psychological implications of my compulsive re-watches. It’s legitimately great, which I’m going to count as…

Can we talk about ‘it’ and beverly’s damsel in distress trope?

Can We Talk About ‘It’ and Beverly’s Damsel in Distress Trope?

Stephen King’s It has been adapted a second time, this time in film. The movie was released September 8th, and ever since, viewers have been bringing up a certain scene that was in the book and wondering how it would play out in the film. In the novel, after the kids have defeated Pennywise, they…

September movie preview: a chill in the air and a scare in the theater

September Movie Preview: A Chill in the Air and a Scare in the Theater

On the money side of things, this summer was a major dud at the box office. But there were still some titles that had fans willing to break out their wallets. Just apparently not enough of them. This September movie lineup is pretty similar. There are a few that will do well. Some look promising…

Adapting the impossible: stephen king’s ‘the stand’

Adapting the Impossible: Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

There’s always talk of adapting impossible movies but somehow studios go for it anyway. People raised eyebrows when books like As I Lay Dying or The Road were made into movies (the second was actually pretty good) but adapting a Stephen King book seems like a no brainer. His plots are interesting, his characters real and his language works…

Stephen king’s new novel isn’t horror…so what will it be?

Stephen King’s New Novel Isn’t Horror…So What Will It Be?

Apparently, the next great Stephen King masterpiece is not going to be a horrific novel. Meaning, of course, that it falls into the crime/thriller genre, instead of under the horror/fantasy label under which most of his works are found. This new novel, Mr. Mercedes, pursues the story of a serial killer that targets the unemployed….