Into the dark: hulu’s new horror anthology is to die for

Into the Dark: Hulu’s New Horror Anthology Is To Die For

At the beginning of this year, Hulu made an announcement about a horror series they would be launching later in October of 2018. The series would consist of twelve episodes, one released each month, centered around the theme of that month’s holiday. For example, December would revolve around Christmas, January would circumvent New Years, and…

‘castle rock’ recap s1e08: “past perfect”

‘Castle Rock’ Recap S1E08: “Past Perfect”

By now it is more than evident that Castle Rock is a town of terrible occurrences. The newspapers are filled over the decades with stories of crimes of passion, hate-filled revenge, unlikely endings, and atrocities that confound all. Recent weeks have only brought more of the same. Havoc of all sorts sweeping through the town….

How to have the softest birthday party ever – letterkenny style & daryl approved

How to Have the Softest Birthday Party Ever – Letterkenny Style & Daryl Approved

Poor Daryl. He grew up with his mother insisting on throwing him these ridiculous birthday parties and, because Wayne and Katy are who they are, they have continued the tradition every year. While many of us associate our birthday with fun and shenanigans, that is not necessarily the case for Daryl. Let’s face it, Daryl…