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Here’s What I Appreciates About ‘Letterkenny’ Season One

by Johanna Beachy
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The Canadian comedy television show, Letterkenny, was picked up by Hulu and released to viewers only months ago. The show is now in its fifth season but Hulu only currently has seasons one and two streaming. We have no word on when season 3 will be available to us. However, if the show becomes as popular in the United States as it was in Canada then it is almost certain. Season one was filled with humor, wit, skin crawling creepiness, Katy’s lack of clothing forte, fights, almost raves, and so much more. If you haven’t seen it then what are you doing with your life? I’ve been telling you to watch for weeks now! Seriously, you are depriving yourself of the best comedy to hit tv since Key and Peele.

Let’s take a look back at season one . . .

Letterkenny Phrase Dictionary

With the quick-fire wit that occurs in Letterkenny it is often easy to get mixed up when you hear a new saying. Here is a dictionary of the more commonly used phrases throughout the town and their translations to English from season one.


Adjective: Used to refer to any person or persons who are not native to Letterkenny; Outsiders. US Translation: Degenerate (See US definition here).


Adjective: Term used to delineate a type of person within Letterkenny that is a common user of drugs, particularly methamphetamines. US Translation: Drug addict; Druggie (See US definition here).

“Pump The Brakes”

Verb: Phrase used to initiate a period of waiting. US Translation: Hold on; Wait a minute; Woah there (See US definition here).

“That’s a Texas-Sized 10-4”

Transitive Verb: Phrase used to signify a person’s agreement or acknowledgement. US Translation: Oh yes; Sure thing; Precisely (See US definition here).

“Sort Yourselves Out”

Idiom: Term used to delineate a person or persons (usually persons) that need to organize and create order. US Translation: Get it together, Get yourselves together (See US definition here).

“Figure It Out”

Transitive Verb or Idiom: Comprehension of someone or something. Can either be used as a phrase for someone or someones who need to come to a conclusion within (not to be confused with Sort Yourselves Out), or as a secondary concurrence if one party says it first. US Translation: If you’re gonna wear socks with sandals make sure you don’t have holes in your socks – Yeah, I agree (See US definition here).

“Let’s Take About 20% Off”

Idiom: To lesson something either an act, a phrase or otherwise something that has too much. US Translation: Let’s take it down a notch (See US definition here).

“Get After It”

Verb: Said in reference to making something occur. Possibly making reality of a previous statement. US Translation: Let’s do it, Let’s go, Come on (See US definition here).


Adjective: Term to describe a very attractive woman, one that will kill you if you look. Also used in the shortened term “snip.” US Translation: Slay (See US definition here).

“Pitter Patter, Let’s Get at ‘Er”

Idiom: Phrase to describe wasting time or time passing by when you should or could be doing something. US Translation: Come on, we’re wasting daylight, Procrastinate (See US definition here).


Noun: Term of insult to mean moron as pheasants tend to be a bird of the hunt and are usually relatively easy prey. US Translation: Peasant (See US definition here).

How Well Do You Know Your Letterkenny?

Now let’s test your knowledge of Letterkenny with this quiz. Season one may have only been six episodes, but these ten questions will really test your knowledge of how much you actually remember. Now click the image of Reilly and Jonesy and get after it boys!

Gail vs. Squirrelly Dan: A Letterkenny Creep Off

Gail is this creepy, overt, sex-crazed character that says some of the strangest stuff. Squirrelly Dan gives her a run for her money with equally weird and obscene/obscure comments. I decided to have a Creep Off with the two with quotes from season one, episode four. I will let you choose who is the bigger creep of the two.

Now what could possibly go wrong?

Round One

Squirrelly Dan: “Here’s a tip: it’s really hard to get tuna out of your dick hole.”

Gail: “Hey Wayne, how many planets are there? There will only be seven after I destroy Uranus.”

Round Two

Squirrelly Dan: “And that is why you never give a sword to a hooker.”

Gail: “She’s so hot I’d jerk off her dad just to see where she came from.”

Round Three

Squirrelly Dan: “Christ, I would snort her dandruff.”

Gail: “Call me cake, ’cause I’ll go straight to your ass cowboy.”

Hmm, I am going to have to stick with Wayne on this one. What do you think? Leave who you think is the winner of the Creep Off in the comments below.

If you liked season one of Letterkenny then head on over to Hulu for season two. Make sure to check Geek Insider for more reviews, recaps and recoils of all things Letterkenny.

Watch Letterkenny on Hulu

And watch the season two trailer if your pants are jumping with crickets at the thought.

I see what youse is appreciatin’ about Katy, now you better settle down over there or I’m gonna have to come talk to yah.

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