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Reading Nerdy: Could ‘The Dwarves’ Be the Next Best Middle-Earth Fantasy Tale?

In Markus Heitz’s realm of Girdlegard, anyone can easily hear the sound of banging hammers, the clashing of battle axes, and the sound of war cries. But outside of humans, orcs, and elves, where can a decent plot for dwarves be found?

Prior to the work of Markus Heitz, renowned author J.R.R. Tolkien set the bar for Middle Earth fantasy with The Hobbit. After The Hobbit’s success, Tolkien went on to present another captivating spin-off series known as The Lord of the Rings. This series contributed to the prior plot line found in The Hobbit. But instead of continuing the series with Bilbo, Tolkien introduces his young nephew, Frodo Baggins.

After a great deal of consideration, most Tolkien fans could agree that Heitz effectively puts his own twist on how we view middle earth fantasies and the creatures within them. But could Heitz’s imaginative, yet thrilling trademark series The Dwarves be the next best middle-earth fantasy tale, and could this story find its way to the theaters?

Synopsis: The Dwarves Vol. 1

Gridlegrad has experienced a time of peace for ages, thanks to the Fifthling dwarves. This clan of dwarves were known to guard the gates from the unknown creatures of the outlying realms. In the land of Ionandar there lived a dwarf among men, Tungdil Goldhand. This lone dwarf had made Ionandar his home, and humbly worked for one of the most notable magi in the realm.

Although he is very aware that he was the only dwarf around, he was always curious about meeting another one of his kind. After tragedy strikes, Tungdil finds himself encountering many unique people who aid him in his journey for answers. The adventures are thrilling, some resulting in drastic, yet heroic deeds that test Tungdil’s strength, intelligence, and heart.

More Than Just Plot

Aside from our main character, Heitz supplies a plethora of other characters of various races and class. From warriors to alchemists, fearful orcs, enchanting elves, powerful magi, and stubborn dwarves.

For example, most stories benefit from comedic relief. Personally, I favor the humor behind the skilled actor “The Fabulous Rodario.” The famed actor’s personality is amusingly sarcastic, arrogantly obnoxious, and hilariously witty. Although, Rodario does show a sense of seriousness from time to time. As you read on, you will find that Rodario’s character is full of depth.

Heitz puts thought behind every character and how their mindset changes throughout the entire series. No character experiences a dull moment in the way of personality. Heitz writes with diversity in behavior and mannerisms and the reader can easily despise or fall in love with a character.

Astounding Eye for Scenery

Outside of author’s skill in character development, Markus Heitz supplies an astounding use of detail and imagery.

During battle scrimmages, casual conversations, to thrilling plot twists, Heitz captures the reader with more than just a character’s dialogue. He also incorporates an interactive setting that co-exists around his characters. Do be mindful, the author’s writing style is graphic. Some scenes are not for the faint of heart. These scenes can consist of battle wounds, a gory death and near death experience, and a terrifying race of demonic elves.

From the reader’s point of view, you feel as though you are fighting up against such creatures. Not just beside Tungdil, but beside the other various characters that join Tungdil in his quest to defend Girdlegard. I highly recommend this fun fantasy-filled book series.

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